Friday, August 20, 2010

I could've sued Disney!

A Pennsylvania woman claims she got groped by Donald Duck and she's suing Disney for over $50,000 in damages, for the "permanent" injuries she suffered. Dang. I wish I had thought about doing that when either Tweedle Dee or probably Tweedle Dum was hitting on me the last time I was at Disney World. Except I've dated guys that have caused far more "permanent" damage than a costumed character.  I kid you not! While my children were trying to get his autograph! So I believe her. But $50,000, I would have settled for a free trip & some VIP treatment.

Can I just say that I would love for Nanny McPhee to come to my house. Warts, bad outfits & all. Maybe she can straighten out these children.  But she may have to call in reenforcements, like SuperNanny or Fran Drescher, Mary Poppins at the very least, for the little one. The person I need is Nanny McPhee! Now how many times do I need to repeat it?

Speaking of Baby Girl, does anybody have any fabulous ideas for her 4th birthday party next month? She says "Princess" but we did that last year, plus we were in Disney World on her actual birthday. So how do you top that? 

Is it crazy that this video makes me cry?  It's about FOOTBALL! Sorry it's so long! If you skip it, I understand. But if you love Kenny Chesney or football, watch!

Y'all aren't going to believe this, but the Semi-Slacker's have TWO birthday parties to attend this evening! But this time they are more doable.  One is a bowling party the whole fam will be attending (even Retro) at 5:30 & the other is a party at the BK just down the road for one of Baby Girl's preschool friends at 6:30. 

And, just so you know, Bo already thinks he's a pro bowler because he scored 71 the 1st time he ever played.  After tonight he may be looking for a sponsor.

If you want an easy monkey bread recipe, it's just canned biscuits, sugar, brown sugar & butter, let me know & I'll email it to you.  It's from Paula Deen's kids cookbook.

If your interested in my Cocktail Napkin Swap, let me know. I'll do a whole post about this sometime next week. 

And if you have little girls or even know one, enter my PIGGY PAINT giveaway! They have the cutest kid-friendly nail polish.

Happy Friday!
Mommy's Idea


Suburban Princess said...

Have a great weekend!!!
I love your napkin swap idea - I took part in one a few months ago and got the cutests napkins!

There are so many party ideas...email me and we will toss some ideas around :O)

Leiah said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that this video makes cry.

PS: I'm going to Roly Poly for lunch today. I've got a hankering for a little Thanksgiving. In August.

PPS: Geaux Tigers!

Caution/Lisa said...

I just heard Football yesterday. LOVED it!

Jessica said...

People are so sue crazy!

(Single)Mommy said...

How about a "tea party" theme? It would be really girly and could satisfy her want for something princessy.

Michelle said...

Hey girl! Every time I drive by or eat at Red Bone, I think of you!!! Shrimp & Grits to you!

Sarah Wyland said...

"Boys of Fall" had me in all sorts of tears the first several times I heard it. It's unreal, how much that hit home. It's literally how I grew up. Except I was one of those 'young girls dream about the boys of fall' instead of an actual boy of fall. I mean, I was a cheerleader, so that counts!

I seen the video a week before it came out (LOVED my internship for that among many other reasons!) and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I did, however, cheer out loud every time Peyton Manning came on screen, especially in that beautiful UT organ... :)

Sarah Wyland said...

Oh! I forgot my party suggestion! Mad Hatter's Tea Party?

Kim of Mo Betta said...

glad to know I may have something to look forward to when we go to Disney in the fall

Jennifer said...

Nanny McPhee rocks, but I need the housecleaning version.

Holly said...

Hmmm... I never had THAT Disney experience! They must just hit on the HOT mommas! LOL!! So it should be considered an honor!! LOL!!
I couldn't get the video to play. My computer has been having ISSUES lately. UGH!
Party ideas... Little girl NEVER tire of PRINCESS... do they? LOL! What about a Princess TEA PARTY this time?? I do like the Madhatter Tea Party idea, too. She could be dressed as Alice!
Hmmm I thikn I need a cross between Nanny McPhee and SUPER NANNY to get my 2 boys to get along and do their share... GAH!

Joy said...

oh I hope I get groped when we do Disney in November:)


I love that video, I luv me some Peyton Manning is Bright Orange!

Oh and it shows some local schools from here, BGA is the school that hub's boss' kids go to. It is a super $$$ private school.

Susan said...

OK, I love football and I love Kenny, but just can't get into this song..... maybe because I don't have boys? Not sure.... but I LOVE that Coach Dye is in the video! Those were MY days down on The Plains! Muah!

highheeledlife said...

A friend just had a "tea party" for her 4 year old... it was great fun to see the little ones all dressed in their princess dresses... royal hats and pearls.
Yes! Yes! I am in for the napkin swap .. I think it will be great fun!!! ... happy Friday ..HHL

Debra said...

I hadn't seen the video yet but the song always makes me cry. I am now crying since I watched the video. You're not alone!

Have a good weekend!

Amber said...

I want to do the napkin swap. I'm a sucker for cute cocktail napkins. Sign me up! Also, I called you today and Retro said he'd have you call me back but he probably forgot to tell you if he's anything like my hubby. I am trying to make Sassy's sign for her birthday and I can't remember the colors in her room. Call me tomorrow or send me a message on face book and tell me the colors please.

The Drama Mama said...

My niece just turned 4 and had the cutest tea party ever. My sister-in-law made a fabulous (and easy) teapot cake.

Henley on the Horn said...

It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! I hope it's fabulous.... just like you!

Tracie said...

Do you ever NOT have a birthday party to go to??

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for following. I am following you back!


Unknown said...

LOVED the video!! And Kenny Chesney...well, what's not to like?
Thanks for sharing-

Sandra said...

Ah. Now i see what you mean about the Disney pervs...we are going tomorrow so I'll be video tapping the character encounters in the hopes of free shit should they get out of line. Honestly Tracy, it's so fricken hot here, my makeup melts off, my hair frizzes, and I'm cranky. So I'm guessing Donald is going to think me a right bitch...in that case, maybe Goofy will be more my type!

Kir said...

I love Kenny Chesney, every video of his makes me cry....I just think he knows how to write about "what could have been, what was...etc" and that always makes me nostalgic and teary.

How about FANCY NANCY for your little girl...She is princess"y" and it's all about dressing up.

I didn't know you have to go to Disney to get groped now...better book my flight. ;)

Kir said...

oh and I'll do the cocktail napkin swap....let me know. :)

Ducky said...

Man I stink at bowling. I think my highest score was 69...go figure!

Unknown said...

I dread having to think of fun birthday party themes. Since when did they become so competitive? I have a friend who began planning her son's first birthday party when he was 2 months old. 2. months. old.

I love cocktail napkins. They always make me giggle :)

Lourie said...

I guess I will have to go and sue someone for something because apparently it is how to make money. Ha!

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