Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Bucket List Revisited

At the beginning of June, I did this post, kind of like our summer "to do" list.  Well...school starts back on the 11th, so I decided to revisit our list & see how much progress we've made.  And as for the "I'm bored"s, yeah there was still a plethora of those around.

Semi-Slacker's Summer Bucket List

*go to the beach  I need to go back myself!

*go to the movies Toy Story 3

*make cookies I even made freakin' play-doh!

*pick blueberries I had blueberries coming my ears.

*pick blackberries blackberry, blueberry & peach cobbler, anyone?

*visit the packing shed too crowded & once you've seen 1 peach, you've seen them all.

*paint pottery we've got 2 weeks left, there's still a chance.

*sleep-overs with Caroline(Sass) not to mention everybody that spent the night over here.

*get nails done with mom(Sass) somethings I just need to do by myself!

*refill Xanax (oops. That's my list.) twice!

*play on the monkey bars (Bo) until they took down the ones at the church (we're getting a new playground)

*play basketball (Bo) even from the blow-up pool

*sidewalk chalk  if you wet it, it looks like paint.

*art camp (sass) Bo ended up going too.

*American Girl camp (sass)- through the school; creative writing, manners, history, etc. knocking that out this week

*Spanish camp (Bo) got cancelled. not enough nerds.

*Wonderful Wednesdays Baby Girl learned how to walk like a Magyption (we learned about Egypt)

*Vacation Bible School  Who else did High Seas Expedition? 

*go to the movies Despicable Me

*swimming lessons (Bo & Baby Girl) knocked that out early

*picnics if eating McDonald's by the pool counts

*stay sane (my bad, my list again) That'll never be crossed out!

*pool time even in the inflatable one.

*Summer Reading Club well sorta.

*library once. It counts.

*visit Ma Ma poor old people. That place will never be the same after my children visit.

*have a lemonade stand a mobile one on the golf cart, around the neighborhood which consists of family members, our migrant workers & anybody picking up peaches.

*grill out you can refer to me as Grill Master now

*Farmer's market I think we went. Let's just say we did.

*go fishing we may or may not have 2 ponds in our yard & didn't get this done

*paint tree house &/or picnic table if spray paint counts.

*go to the city playground too hot. That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it.

*Blackout Day (no tv, no computer, no lights - I stole this one) one day, one day...

*make ice cream sundaes they got cones, close enough.

*get snowcones seriously. One day, after swimming, my friend, Kristy & I took ALL the kids we had that day to the snowcone place & it looked like the Duggar's took over!

*work on sight words (Bo) The Lord knew what he was doing when he made that child smart! Maybe soon HE can tutor his sister.

*go bowling I just couldn't bring myself to go there.

*adventures on the golf cart We watched a van burn up (firetrucks & all) & saw a dead deer. not to mention the mobile lemonade stand.

*finish summer workbooks (Sass & Bo) that lasted about 2 weeks

*go camping on the porch I made the tent, that's as far as they got.

*spend the night with grandmothers (EVERYBODY!) unfortunately not at the same time

I crossed out more than half, that's why I'm only a SEMI slacker!

Sassy & Baby Girl have decided they are going to share a room.  They will sleep in Baby Girl's room & turn Sass's into their junk play room. Oh the drama that is fixing to ensue.


Jessica said...

That was great! I like the blackout idea... not sure if I could commit to it.

My sister and I (she's two years younger) went back and forth between combined and separate rooms several times growing up. Each was fun for a certain length of time.

Andrea said...

Good for you! :) I still need to create a list kind of like this. Maybe I'll do it now so I know I can cross stuff off of it. I'm like that sometimes ...

Jennifer said...

You mean she wants to share... or does she just see this as a way to get two rooms?

RN Mama said...

Wow, you've really got a lot done! You're not a semi-slacker at all!!

Can I vote "no" on your daughters sharing a room? You can see the post I did today, for the drama that could ensue at your house...it's not pretty, seriously.

Laura said...

At least you MADE a bucket list!! I sure as heck didn't!

Lovin' your BFF's designs. Must contact her! Put THAT on my bucket list!

Henley on the Horn said...

I love your list!!! I can so relate!

Kate@SurroundedbyPenises said...

Great job! You (semi...ok, mostly) rocked that list!!

Kenna said...

So, I thought I just left you a comment, not sure where it went? I am looking to start my own little random mom blog but I don't want to make my family one it. To protect my kids. Was wondering what you thought? I love, love yours!!!

my family one you've seen.

my new one is http://myradomonfoblog.blogspot.com


KK said...

great list, great summer, GREAT mama!

Kenna said...




Crayon Princess said...

High Seas here--whoever did the arts and crafts did an awesome job! Oh wait, that was me!

Susan said...


brainella said...

I'm a librarian and you made it to the library this summer more than I did. You are my hero.

Princess Freckles said...

Impressive! I love the mobile lemonade stand! That sounds like fun! :)

Kir said...

look at you, crossing stuff off on that list...however, I would have had to refill the XANAX first in order to do any of those things (GIGGLE)

Ipo said...

After reading your checklist, I might have to update my status to "Slacker" mom...looks like you got a lot done. I'm totally going to write out a checklist for the rest of the summer....starting Next Monday!!

Unknown said...

wow, that's awesome, gooo you!!!

Darren Singleton said...

There is a great range of bucket list ideas on here and you have managed to cross off an awful lot of them.

Keep up the great work,
Best wishes.

Babes Mami said...

Yay productivity!

Lourie said...

Wow you did good! I need to look back to see how we did. And yes McDonald's poolside totally counts!

Tracie said...

My kids go back to school in a week and a half. My list looks like this:
1. Don't kill them.
2. Don't kill myself.
3. Get a babysitter as often as possible.

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