Thursday, June 3, 2010

Semi-Slacker's Summer Bucket List

I stole this idea from Misty at Southern Belle Mama who stole it from Meg whose been doing it since 2008.

Sassy & I had a great time putting this together & I'm calling it a work in progress because I plan to add more things as we think of them.  (Bo & Baby Girl had some input too!)

I'm really hoping this will cut down on the "I'm bored" comments. I'm sure when it comes to the 8 year old drama queen that lives with me, that's just a pipe dream. But it's worth a try!

Semi-Slacker's Summer Bucket List

*go to the beach
*go to the movies
*make cookies
*pick blueberries
*pick blackberries 
*visit the packing shed
*paint pottery
*sleep-overs with Caroline(Sass)
*get nails done with mom(Sass)
*refill Xanax (oops. That's my list.)
*play on the monkey bars (Bo)
*play basketball (Bo)
*sidewalk chalk
*art camp (sass)
*American Girl  camp (sass)- through the school; creative writing, manners, history, etc. 
*Spanish camp (Bo)
*Wonderful Wednesdays
*Vacation Bible School
*go to the movies
*swimming lessons (Bo & Baby Girl)
*stay sane (my bad, my list again)
*pool time
*Summer Reading Club
*visit MaMa
*have a lemonade stand
*grill out
*Farmer's market
*go fishing
*paint treehouse &/or picnic table
*go to the city playground
*Blackout Day (no tv, no computer, no lights - I stole this one)
*make ice cream sundaes
*get snowcones
*work on sight words (Bo)
*go bowling
*adventures on the golf cart
*finish summer workbooks (Sass & Bo)
*go camping on the porch
*spend the night with grandmothers (EVERYBODY!)

Y'all have any more ideas I could add?


Anonymous said...

what a great idea and list....luv it

RN Mama said...

American Girl Camp? Shut the front door! What does that cost? Your first born?

Great list though, maybe I shall steal this idea:)

Laura said...

American Girl Camp??? I thought you were through with AG!! Need I remind you about Christmas??

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

love your list, the lemonade stand sounds fun!

Sandra said...

Great idea Semi-Slacker!! I hope you do every single thing!! xoxo

mFw said...

Seriously what is AG camp? I'm super nosy! I did love those dolls when I was little but the whole ordeal is getting out of control.

You have a great list and sounds like you'll have a great summer!

Crayon Princess said...

First, I want some details on AG camp!! Julie is my third daughter, and we need a camp--as long as I can tag along. Second, tell Bo that his bucket is "dry" and in the mail. I sent them priority USPS yesterday.

Mom of Three said...

Love it! I am going to steal this idea for a post as well!

Christy said...

They also have summer movie times that is like $2 or $3 per kid and it comes with a drink and popcorn. I have seen it at the Galleria and also the AmStar.
You could also go to the Museum of Arts and Science, the downstairs has a great play area and seating for moms!
Check the libraries for reading times, too!!!

P.S. all of this is extremely cheap or free depending on the day! If you have any questions call me!

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