Friday, May 28, 2010


If you're new, welcome to my crazy life! Please check out my 100 Things to learn all about me & the Semi-Slacker crew! This post is a little taste of what goes on around here!
Mommy's Idea

I'm back at Friday Fragments again, cause my brain works so much better in pieces. 

*School is finally out, so between camps, lessons, pool time & beach trips I should be able to find some time to blog.  What do y'all think?  I think, don't hold your breath!

*Speaking of pool time, contract negotiations are underway for the Semi-Slacker pool.  (the negotiations are really just between me & my FIL) My FIL wanted it in his yard (we live next door) & put a screen over it.  I have finally talked him into putting it in my yard, but he's still insistant on the screen. (I told him a cleaning net & bug zapper would be much cheaper.)  We still haven't even called the pool company yet. (but I did email them)!

*We have been so busy with school activities; end of year party, pool party, Pre-K program & field day.  And since this is also my scrapbook, you can expect a whole post on that stuff.  Just be glad it's only 1 post.

*Retro said the funniest thing last night.  He said since the children are out of school we should be able to keep the house clean.  After I nearly choked on my Chocolate Oreos, I asked him what kind of crack he was smoking.

*I'm trying to lose 5 lbs before the beach, so I gave up Coke for water & replaced it with Chocolate Oreos. 

*Baby Girl's favorite song since her end of year program is Jesus loves the wittle children, all the children of the wurld. Red & white & black & blue, Jesus loves the wittle children of the wurld.  Either she's been watching Avatar with her nerdy brother or we better call DFACS.

*Yes.  I let my 5 year old watch Avatar & no, I didn't watch it with him.  He thought it was the greatest movie.  I guess now I'll have to buy it for him.

*Did y'all know Pac-Mac turned 30?  Now the kids have video games smaller than the joystick!

*Am I the only one that has like 20 FB friend requests that you haven't responsed to?  People that either I don't know or don't remember (which is very well possible) request to be friends with me all the time & I look & we have between 3 & 127 mutual friends! I'm not talking about my blog friends, I'm talking about people that live around here!  I speaking of people around here, I am FB friends with people I don't even talk to on the street.  And it's always the same people on FB all the time & that's like 20 out of my 642 friends.  Sometimes I think this whole FB thing is crazy except when I can see a picture of my friend's brand new baby just hours after he's born then it's pretty cool!  

*I promise to try to stay on task with my blogging because I've got several giveaways in the works, including 2 from IRL friends!!!  Cool, cool stuff!

*We're having Emma Ruth's 91st birthday party tonight!!!

Happy 1st day of summer hell vacation!


Anonymous said...

91 yrs young,,,that is so awesome! hugs and happy bday ;)

Sherrie said...

I would definitely go with the screen for the pool. After visiting our friends in Florida, we will surely get a screen for the pool IF we ever get a pool. LOL! To me, it makes it so much more enjoyable! Not to mention the bugs staying out!

Happy Birthday to Emma Ruth!

Babes Mami said...

Happy early birthday to Emma Ruth!

Leiah said...

When I taught Pre-K (a hundred years ago or so), when my kids weren't having a great participation day, I would sing "Jesus loves the little children....red & yellow, black & green - strangest kids I've ever seen..." That would also make 'em giggle. Kind of like Baby Girl's version made me. That was great!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Here's to more free time with the kids home...ha. That's funny. Clearly, Retro hasn't spent a day at home with the kids in a while!

RN Mama said...

Ok, what the heck is a pool screen? I'm pretty sure we don't have anything fancy like that up here, given people can only use their pools for 3 months out of the year!

Happy Birthday to Emma Ruth!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

girl you crack me up!! i love your blog posts:) ♥

Miss Janice said...

This is ONE of my FB pet peeves. I get messages all the time from people saying something like "don't I know your from such & such place, et cetera?" Then we go back and forth with e-mails--catching up and I send them a FB friend request and never hear from them again. How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the f/book thing...I have "friends" that I don't talk with in everyday life. I have been able to hook up with old friends from high school who have moved away...that's pretty fun. I get the impression that some people just like to keep up with the lives of others...sorta like a blog. I've politely overlooked several requests only for them to pop up again and again. After looking at mutual friends I usually just "accept" them and go on. I have been thinking of culling through the list, but then I run across someone who says, "I really enjoy your posts" or "I love seeing the pictures of your boys." So...I guess I'll leave well enough alone. Good luck on the pool...that is the best "toy" that my two have...they couldn't do without it. Oh...almost forgot...Happy Birthday to your sweet Emma Ruth! Mitzi

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I'd go with the screen for the pool. I thought I was following you on Google Friends but I wasn't. I am now. I was reading though.

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