Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

*I have found my new favorite recording artist ever!  She writes songs about the same stuff we blog about! Some of y'all may already be familiar with her, but for those who aren't, you must go check out her website Mommy Music Inc.  She has also written Motherhood the Musical & I promise all you mommy bloggers can find yourself in her characters.

Barb, the over-worked, underpaid, stressed-out mother of five. There’s Brooke, the lawyer, who works too much and barely sees her kids. There’s Tisha, a single mom who’s struggling to juggle it all. And Amy, the naïve 20-something about to have her first child.

Some of the songs featured are; The Kids Are Finally Asleep, I Leak & Costco Queen. You can listen to clips on her site. And trust me, you will relate.

*And what about Sandra Bullock? I can y'all believe she kept adopting a baby a secret for 3 months?  I couldn't even hide something like that for 3 days around here & I don't have paparazzi following me! As for the divorce, Elin needs to take some pointers. 

*Do y'all watch CougarTown?  I kind of have a crush on Josh Hopkins, so I watch & DVR.  Last night episode was the one I've waiting for all season!  Now doesn't it make you mad when you have to wait till next season to see what happens. Why can't the actors work year-round? Everybody else does.

*Our local public school system is considering going to "standardized dress" which is basically khakis & collared shirts.  Personally, I think that's a fabulous idea.

The fashions some of these children sport range from preppy cute to 2nd grade streetwalker to homeless child (& I'm not talking about the financially-challenged).  Just think how much smoother your mornings will go..."khaki pants or khaki skirt? pink polo or yellow?"  I mean really, it's school not a fashion show.  And this school system could definitely benefit from more concentration on the schooling part. I'm a product of this system & I can barely do 2nd grade math. 

The Semi-Slacker children go to private school & we have a fairly scrict dress code, but I swear I'm willing to pay extra for UNIFORMS. Not standarized dress. I want the plaid, crests & all, with no room for compromise. Then Sass & I might get along much better. Get rid of homework & we'd be best friends!

*Why can't paid be spelled p-a-y-e-d? Unpaid is one of Sass's spelling words this week.  I need the answer. She already thinks I'm dumb as a brick.

*From a distance, Jo Koy on Chelsea Lately looks like Kenny Chesney without his hat on.  Seriously. Just thought you might want to know.

*We have a winner! The lucky reader who gets to turn back time with Perricone's Advanced Face Firming Activator is RN Mama!

She just turned 30 & she totally doesn't need it! She's so cute & funny, check out her blog 29 & Holding or 30, Flirty & Fabulous!


Jennifer said...

But Sandra is the one with the money. Poor Elin. And I'm so glad that Sandra has a baby and the adoption was able to go through.

Helene said...

I know, I was totally shocked about the adoption! How on earth she could keep that under wraps with the whole cheating scandal going on is beyond me!!!

mFw said...

I never know what I going on so thanks for the info on Sandra (so thrilled she was able to adopt) and Elin (always loved her before everything and I still have tons of respect for her)!

RN Mama said...

Woohoo! Did I mention how excited I am about winning this? I may have peed my pants a little.

I'm with you on the dress code thing. Alivia wears plaid uniforms, and while they're downright fugly, at least we don't have to fight about what she's going to wear!

Debra said...

Amen about the uniforms. I fear my daughter will graduate before we ever have them. We have a boat load of 2nd grade streetwalkers here. What are these parents thinking??

I agree about Elin. I would have killed him personally (& yes, I let my husband know that). Guess she's better person than I am!

Fun post!!

Liz Mays said...

I would be pretty happy with school uniforms too! It puts everyone on a level playing field!

Juliana said...

You are so funny and this post was very entertaining. I love Chelsea, my best friend is taking me to see the Comedians of Chelsea tonight and we are going to meet Chuy. I will have to see if I see Kenny too ah ha

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Hi there! It's been forever because, well, it has. Good to be back checking up on what you've been up to. My daughter and I do not work well together...the moment I utter something, she starts crying or yelling...she's 8. I'm so afraid of the teen years.

KK said...

I wish our school district wore uniforms. Yesterday, Miss Priss came upstairs wearing Daisy Dukes and boots. When I told her no way she was leaving the house looking like a two bit whore, she threw her boots at me and told me she hated me. Isn't being the mother of (strong-willed) girls fun?!

Sandra said...

I am with you on Sandra Bullock. What a stunner that one was!!!!!
Uniforms = Fabulous - Period.


Tracie said...

I love Sandra. I think she's going to be a fantastic mother.

I wish our school system would go to standardized dress or to uniforms. It would make life a whole lot more simple.

Messy Mommy said...

totally agree about the sandra baby thing! what the heck?

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