Friday, March 12, 2010

Peeptinis, Jack@$&es & Oreos

It's Friday!

Unfortunately, the semi-slacker children are out of school today & it's rainy outside & I'm hosting a Tailgate Shower tomorrow night & I have 10 2 loads of laundry to fold & tons of clutter to hide clean up & Sassy's spend the night company/ entertainment went home last night while I was at Bunko.

So today we're having FRAGMENTS, because my brain is fried & LEFTOVERS, it's stir-fry too. I hope all my new friends like what I'm serving today!

Mommy's Idea

*How much do y'all LOVE my makeover?!? Thanks so much to Krystyn, a fellow GA girl, for all her hard work & helping me with my computer illiteracy. If you need a new look, go check her out, she's GREAT!  Now if I could just get a makeover for my body!  Any offers?

Krizzy Designs: blog and print designs

*I want to welcome all my new friends from CCWA.  I got 38 comments on 1 post!  That's more than I've been getting in a week!  If I haven't visited your blog, be looking for me because I'll be coming over soon.  I'll be the one with the Appletinis. Now, if some of my STALKERS (Jennifer, Bunko Babes, teachers at the school, friends IRL) would just comment!

*Last night, I had Bunko.  For those of you that don't play, you must find yourselves a group today.  It's even more fun than blogging! My Bunko Babes are the greatest friends ever.  My BFF hosted a Easter-themed party & served Peeptinis.  Y'all know I'm a sucker for all things tini.
How cute are things? Sorry BOP, I couldn't edit the picture.

*Have y'all heard about the trouble Ben Roethlisberger has gotten himself into this past week? When will celebrities learn they can not do whatever the hell they want to do & get away with it?  I use the term celebrity loosely because I did not know who "Big Ben" was until he raped a girl at my alma mater. I hope he pays big time. The girl has dropped out of school, her sorority is in lockdown to avoid negative press & police reports say she was hysterical during the report. I'm kinda pissed about this whole thing & am interested to see how it's all going to play out.  If I was still on staff at The Colonnade (school newspaper) I would be interviewing the dude myself!  Punk! That's my new word.

*The other day while unloading the dishwasher, Retro referred to sippycups as "the scourge of mankind".  He hates putting the tops back together & matching the tops & bottoms.  Oh & his real fave, cleaning the ones with leftover chocolate milk.  Now that I think about it, they may very well be the scourge of mommykind too!

I'm also joining Julie becuase, I've got some of these too...


Dear Target,

This letter has been a long time coming because I took the following picture in like January.  That still doesn't mean I'm not mad, you just had to wait your turn.

I bought Santa Claus brought Bo these PJs for Christmas. Cute, huh? Well they were.  He may have slept in them 4 or 5 times & wore them around the house for 2 days straight.  I realize he is a very rough & tumble little boy, but seriously shouldn't pjs hold up a little better than this?  I mean Baby Girl has some jammies that have been previously wore by at least 2 people!

If you would like to hire him for a modeling gig, we may can work something out!

Momma of the homeless child

Dear Nabisco,

I love you. I really love you.  You had me with the regular Oreos, but now you have topped yourself with the genius invention of the Chocolate Creme Oreos. I may or may not be on my 2nd package in 3 days. I had help. a little.  This totally makes up for the faux pas that was the plain vanilla Oreos.

My taste buds think you are awesome, however my overflowing muffin top begs to differ.  FYI: The taste buds always win. Whenever you get tired of the Manning boys, I'll be glad to do a commercial.  I should weight 250 by then.

Please feel free to send me mass quantities of your delicious goodness. And keep up the good work. Chocolate work, that is.

I may never consume milk the same way again.

Love always,
Your biggest (in more ways than one) fan


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Glad you love your look! I'm so glad when people do!

Now, what is in a peeptini? I might have to try one of these out.

And, those jammies? That's horrible.

Babes Mami said...

I clicked on you and thought I had the wrong one lol!! Then I saw 'where cereal is a food group' and new it was ok. I love the new look!!

Anonymous said...

peeptinis...yummy, you know I love me some martinis;)

Jennifer said...

The new look is AWESOME! I love it.

And a letter needs to be written to the manufacturer of those pj's. They were clearly defective.

Big Mama Cass said...

HAHAHA Awesome blog. I shall be back.

LOVE TINIS!!! So going to do that Peeptini idea now!

And good LORD your sons pajamas look like you dragged him behind the car in them! LOL

Tricia said...

today has been crap.. ya know what I mean your a mom. And I laughed for the first time reading your blog. Thanks hon :o)~ PS 100 calorie oreo cakesters are lovely too.. just sayin'. you don't need the 100 calories with your bitty self but those of us who take up two zipcodes (cough mee) do lol :o)~

Sherrie said...

Love the new layout. It looks great. Love the Target PJs pic...LOL! Things just aren't made the way they used to be...nothing is!

RN Mama said...

Your makeover is fabulous!!! She did my design too, and she is totally awesome! One thing though, I though you said before that Retro would shit if you got a custom blog design!?

And about those Oreos... I'm with you on the vanilla Oreos, I had never met an Oreo I didn't like until I had the vanilla ones, barf! I must try the chocolate ones. However, my all time favorite is the chocolate dipped mint ones!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, those peeptinis look soooo cute! I may have to make virgin ones for my family, they're just way tooo awesome!

Foursons said...

You need to contact Target and send them a link to this post. See what comes of it. That is ridiculous that pj's only lasted 4 days.

What are these cookies you speak of? I have never met a cookie I didn't like and am the self-proclaimed cookie monster. I must research this and research this now!

Thanks for linking up and keep me updated on how Target responds!

Danifred said...

OMG with the Peeptini! OMG! I'm coming over now! Oh, how I miss my Bunco days. Now, the most fun I have is Chutes and Ladders.

Messy Mommy said...

When the page loaded I was like, "Crap, I clicked the wrong blog." BUT NO! It's you!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Heather said...

I bought my son some PJ's at Target at Christmas time and the first time he put them on the Zipper completely fell off! I returned those and got another pair and the seam on the inside of the leg ripped after 3 times of wearing it!

SO mad!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the makeover! And those freaking Peeps drinks look DELICIOUS!

Carolee Hollenback said...

I was JUST going to make breakfast. Maybe I'll pop a few oreo's instead...........

Visiting from FFF's at Mrs. 444's

Leiah said...

I haven't found a bunko group since I moved from Texas 18 months ago. The group I was a part of had been together for over 10 years. We'd been together through births, deaths, marriages and divorces. There's nothing like your drunko, I mean bunko girls!

Jessica Ryan said...

Bwahahaha, Love your letter to nabisco!!!! How cute is that Peeptini?! Love it!

Nicole Renee said...

Sounds crazy in your house. I know how you fell about all the laundry and I just have one boy to look after. Love your letters to target So funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment, I love getting them!

Sabreena said...

I just found your site and I really like it. Chocolate cream oreos sound heavenly. I need to find a Bunko game, we used to play but have disbanded. If you visit my site let me apologize in advance for any naughty language. I have a bit of a potty mouth but my heart is in a good place. I am now one of your newest followers.

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