Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did it!

Much better, check it out! (my new URL)

HUGE thanks to Supah! She rocks!

I hope I didn't mess anybody up! I think it will only affect people that have me bookmarked.

Thanks for all y'alls sweet comments yesterday. I'm over it now. I called Dr. H, my OBGYN/best friend, whined & bitched to him. He decided to change my Wellbutrin to Lexapro. We had discussed it before, but he thought my UTI meds were effecting the strength; however after yesterday's events I guess he thought he'd better do something before somebody got hurt. (feelings not physically, I'm not that redneck)

Baby Girl had a procedure done today at the Children's Hospital, she has my defective bladder. She has renal reflux, google it. I had it when I was a child. Why she couldn't just inherit my blond hair, I do not know!

Of course hers is not bad enough for surgery. She's a 3, 5 gets fixed. I am so over this just treating symptoms bull. It's 2010! If it's broke, FIX it! Figure out how & do it! I'm fixing to start fundraising for Urinary Tract research! We can wear yellow.

Okay I am over talking medical crap! Y'all probably think we're a bunch of hypocondriacts. (sound it out, I can't spell) well some of us are, but it ain't me.

The Semi-Slacker kids were all pumped for some snow tonight, but that's a wash! I think Atlanta might get some but not us. I do not know how y'all Northerners do it. It is too freaking cold! At least if we got snow, it would kind of be worth it. Where the hell's the global warming?

I still haven't heard back from AG. They must have read yesterday's post & I think I'm a total lunatic. Just call me Crazy.

I've got a Happy award to post, but I'm waiting for that Lexapro to kick in.

Crazy, Beautiful Life: my comments keep getting returned.

If this doesn't make sense, sorry I didn't proof it & don't feel like doing it! Night, y'all.


Sam said...

I was worried that I lost you, your blog wasn't connecting. OK can I say small world.... I had reflux as a child, had corrective surgery at 21 but still lost my kidney in the process. Both my girls and my niece had it and have all had the surgery. No problems since. I too have chronic e coli. but haven't had problems lately. I am having my bladder hauled back into place on MLK Day. With a huge history of reconstructive bladder surgeries, this one won't be pretty, but I am out of options. Well.... there's the Depends option... Hell No!

RN Mama said...

Hey, my oldest daughter Alivia, has urinary reflux too! She did have the surgery though, a year and a half ago. She still has urinary dysfunction sydrome though, so a big BOO to that!

Do I have to change my bookmark to your new address?

Ashlee said...

Blair's cousin born the day before her also has reflux. She is also a 3/5 on both sides. She's on preventative antibiotics until later when they can tell if it fixed itself. If not, I think they're doing surgery, so someone up in Atlanta area must fix 3's.

christy rose said...

I wondered why I could not get through to you earlier. I will change your url on Sunday. I hope baby girl's procedure helps her. I am sorry your kids were disappointed about the snow. You are right about the cold. Snow does make it a little bit worth it. Just a little though. I agree about the global warming thing though. It does not seem to be making much affect this year. I think the polar bears must be safe right now! :)

Laura said...

Okay, first of all, let me say that I didn't know your were moving. Did I miss that post? Leave it to you to jack with my google reader/blogs I'm following! Don't worry. I'll get it fixed.

Second, the fact that you go to a MAN doctor AND he's your freakin' BEST FRIEND just wiggs me out!! That's just plain TMI on HIS part!!! Ugh! I don't even wanna think about it!

I hope the Lexapro kicks in soon!

Laura said...

Just tried to go to your new blog and it says, "Not found." WTH??!! Where are you??!!

I'm working on that Taco Soup Recipe, BTW!

Foursons said...

I feel the same way about the weather. If it's going to be this cold at least snow for us!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

OK... if I am reading this does that mean that I have new URL? Or did I miss something?

Liz Mays said...

I hope the new meds will work out better for you. Yay for Lexapro!

I hope the procedure takes care of baby girl's problem for her!

Sandra said...

I am changing the info for my reader now!! xoxo

Jessica Jones said...

I liked Lexapro better then paxil but worse then CYmbalta...now THATS the good stuff!

and I would totally wear yellow for your daughter just say the word...hope she feels better soon

did you guys get any snow?

Sherrie said...

Hope things get better for you and your dd. That would stink. Love the wearing yellow idea. lol

Tracie said...

I hope the new meds work well for you.

Mrs4444 said...

This is very fragmenty-You should have linked up!haha

Glad your daughter is getting some treatment-Your "we could wear yellow" comment cracked me up!

Hope you're feeling balanced soon :)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

hope baby girl recovers quick...i know all about 'defective bladder' ha ha as you put it..my oldest child has one!
cute blog momma...new follower!

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