Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Ponderings

Okay. So I guess I'm feeling better. The doctor (read: nurse) called & I don't have cancer, so that's always a plus. But I did feel (read: and look) like hell all through Christmas. And one of the meds makes me T.I.R.E.D, so that's real fun with 50 3 children & a million things to do. On the bright side, I was too tired & didn't feel up to showing my a$& losing my cool at any family functions.

Even though it took a little bit of this...
to get something like this...

or even this...

Can you say photoshop please? No, that's too much trouble. I'll just try again next year.

I told y'all I looked like hell. Yes. Retro is wearing shorts. That irritates me to death. I think he does that every year (except last year) just to piss me off. He's lucky I wasn't feeling up to par this year. And we may be changing Sassy's name to @itchy.

Speaking of @itchy, this thing was a son of a biscuit-eater to put together! And it's HUGE!
For all you momma's of boys, that's Kit's Treehouse from American Girl Doll.

One of the main wall supports had become unattached (before I got hold of it, I promise) so we had to SUPERGLUE it back together. I should NOT have to superglue something I paid almost $300 for (I know, I'm crazy). And the rest of the "some adult assembly required" was not much fun either. especially at 11 o'clock Christmas Eve night.

Rest assured I have contacted AG with my complaint. We'll see what happens with that, I keep you posted.

I fully intended to do the IcaughtSanta.com thing, but didn't get around to it. Imagine that. So at the last minute, I borrowed a suit from my mom's BFF's son (whose like my little brother) & staged this little shot! For all y'all who know us IRL, swallow your drink because THAT is Retro. One bonus of being tested for the c word, I guess.
Sass got a camera for Christmas (which works better than mine) & I took this picture with her camera too. After she took a few pictures & was reviewing them she saw this! Too cool. Oh yeah, I didn't spill the beans YET.

BUT... this, my friends, is the look of a smart-mouthed, attitude-having 8 year old little girl who can't find her presents on Christmas morning.

Damn treehouse- $250
Camera - $125
Look on her face - priceless

And apparently it was warm enough the night before for his Daddy to wear shorts, but too cold Christmas morning to RIDE THE BIKE OUTSIDE!

And due to all the gift-giving snafus this year (for example, R gave me basically the same necklace he gave me for Mother's Day, bless his heart. But I did get the matching earrings this time), I'm planning to start collecting Christmas china next year. I'm thinking Lenox Merry Berry or Holiday Nouveau Platinum. FYI (family members) smooches.


Gracie Beth said...

I am glad you are on the mend! Justice (aka the prostitot store) left ALL the damn anti-theft devices on little sis's loot and she would have totally been like "santa stole my presents" so at midnight on christmas eve brother was out in the garage with bolt cutters snipping them off. My mom had a lovely phone convo with the manager of justice the other day!

Anonymous said...

Im glad u r getting better;)

Sarah Wyland said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better!!!

Your family just cracks me up. I love the Santa Claus staging!

Jessica Ryan said...

seriously our families are like twins separated at birth except yours didn't have a two for one trip to the hospital... which, knowing you... I'm kinda surprised! LMAO!!!

You are a good momma because that is one ROCKING tree house!

And T -- no I was not drinking when I slipped and dislocated my shoulder... probably wouldn't have happened if I had been though...

Sherrie said...

Love the second pattern of china. Glad you are feeling better. I had some sort of virus for a week and I am finally over it. And the cranky expression on your dd's face is hysterical (to someone who is not her mom) ;)

Jennifer said...

I don't think the big one wanted to take a picture.

BigSis said...

So, is this the preteen bitchiness rearing it's ugly head at age 8? Thank God I have a boy! I'd never get that treehouse assembled!

Shell said...

Glad you are doing better.

We can't get a good pic of all of us to save our lives.

Looking at that treehouse thing- I'm glad I don't have girls!

KK said...

I am LMAO at Sass' face in the family pics!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I LOVE Sassy's face in EVERY picture. That my friend is something you need to save for her and give her when her own child turns 8. PRICELESS!

Don't you love all the AG stuff that you have put together? This is why I buy the dolls and let others buy the accessories because I have no patience for the putting together of anything....

Holy moly I can't get over Sass' expression.

And I love the one where baby girl looks like she's whistling. She's like, "I'm all about being good here people, not sure what her problem is!!!"

Laura said...

I'm with Pink Green & Southern! Was Sass still mad? BTW, I think I have that same pink tuttle neck you're wearing. And I noticed the shorts, too, before you mentioned it, but your weather sounds just like ours!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Oh wow... your family reminds me a lot of mine! LOL Girl I love when you write posts like this... you keeps it real!!

I have an 8 year old son who makes the same damn faces, it must be an age thing!!

By the way, you look lovely! And wtf is up with hubby's shorts?? LOL Men are *&($(*!!!

Tracie Nall said...

I can't believe that you have to assemble that treehouse. My daughter has drooled over it in the catalog....but now that I know the truth about it I have even more reason (besides the price...just sayin!) to fun away from that situation.

Although...it is super cute! Darn-I think I see a treehouse in my future. I'm such a pushover for the AG cuteness.

Foursons said...

I hope you're feeling better now! Thank goodness the big "C" is not an issue. That treehouse is really cool but I'd be downright pi$$ed if I had to glue the darn thing together. Did you write them a letter? Link it up this Friday on my Letters of Intent so we can all read it! OK- you don't HAVE to, but I'd love it if you did.

Mandi said...

It sounds like your christmas was just about as much fun as mine.... Thank goodness its all over. I'm pooped and couldnt careless in my kids like anything they got this year. I'm sick of snow ( I live in TX by the way), I sick of talking about Santa and to be honest I'm sick of seeing my in-laws... I cant want to put the damn tree away.

Maybe next year will be better. (Prolly not)

Great blog by the way.... I love reading your stuff!
Mandi Martin

Miss Janice said...

Lord have mercy this is so funny! I love that your husband wore shorts...soooooo Georgia boy! My brother lives in Warner Robins and and wears khaki shorts everyday of his life--I swear! The photo of y'all is cracking me up:) Happy New Year!

Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

Holy Hell that thing is HUGE!!!!! Can your daughter fit in it??? I could totally be talked into buying it too!

We had an issue wiht a Zhu Zhu pet that i waited in line in the middle of the night for that DID NOT WORK! I was TICKED PLUS when I sent an e0mail it took them 5 days to respond and they said they would send me a new one in 4-6 weeks WTF?! I am not done with them!

Martha said...

OMG, that's the same look I get from my attitude having almost thirteen year old. When did they start teaching that in school? I don't think I ever gave my parents that look. (Rolled my eyes maybe but not the attitude!

Funny you mentioned shorts, just moving back to PA from FL, shorts were normal on Christmas, but yesterday here in PA, it was in the single digits with the wind chill. We met up with some family for lunch yesterday and 14 year old great nephew had on SHORTS- the longish basketball type. I thought he was crazy!

RN Mama said...

Hahaha, the look on Sassy's face in all the pictures is priceless! How old is she again? Just wondering how many years I have until I can look forward to that "look!"

After you said you bought that tree house I looked it up on the AG website and it actually had quite a few complaints from people regarding the shoddy construction for such an expensive item!

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