Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm fixing to let this cat out of the bag!


It's costing me way too much to keep Sassy believing in Santa Claus.

This year we emailed Santa & the children were asked to list 3 things they wanted for Christmas, so we are sticking with that magic number. (Y'all should try that, it's really neat. Santa emails you back & the letters are really good.)

Here's her list:
1. American Girl tree house & doll
2. 2 DS games
3. a camera

Got all that? If you were keeping count, that's technically 5 things. And that's just the major things. We're not even talking extra goodies underwear & socks & stocking stuffers.

Now, let me give you to price breakdown of her list.
1. AG tree house $250, doll $114 (that American Girl doll business is a racket)
2. 2 DS games $20-$30 each
3. a camera (real & digital) $100+ (the only useful thing on her list)

And supposedly that $900 dog they got in October was part of their Christmas.

The littles are keeping things more my speed.

Bo wants a guitar ($30 WM), a new bike ($70) or a scooter ($30), Transformers (he got plenty for his bday so he'll get maybe 1-$20) & Stars Wars crap toys/legos ($25ish).

He did just get a $300 basketball goal. (which btw is still not put together) But it's a nice one, according to his father & everyone can use it. Kinda like that dog, huh?

Baby Girl is the cheapest easiest. She wants that Princess vanity or dress-up table, as she says ($70), Kai-lan ($25ish) & some slippers (poor thing, having to ask Santa for some bedroom shoes).

See. The 2 little kid's Christmas doesn't come close to the 8 year old's.

I tried to tell Sass that the parents have to give Santa the money. But she doesn't care. She must think money grows on trees. well technically for us it does, but that's not the point She's greedy. And spoiled. It's my fault, I know. She has no concept of money. (My mother & my BFFs are reading this & laughing a smart arse laugh. I can hear them now.)

If you ask me, she really shouldn't be on the good list. She's way too mouthy. She must get that from her father's side.

I want some new cowboy boots, so she needs to back off. I'm always on Santa's good list.

Really. This is ridiculous. What happened to gold, frankincense & myrrh?

*I just ordered that $250 tree house. But she's not getting another doll. She's got like 6 of them. A horse or a dog maybe, but not another doll.


mFw said...

When did American Girl start making tree houses??? Not what I remember back in the good old days. I'm in college now and American Girl dolls have come up a couple times in college classes as part of the discussion...I don't remember how but it was relevant. Good luck with the santa business!

Sarah Wyland said...

Your blog always makes me laugh. I was always a fan of the American Girl books, but I never got into the dolls. I think I was getting out of the doll stage when they started getting popular.

It's funny - my parents say the same thing, that we get more expensive as we get older. I think it might be a true story. Heck, I'll admit it - I HAVE gotten more expensive!

kimert said...

American Girl has been on Annabelle's list the last 3 years! So I totally feel your pain!! It's a darn good business for sure!

Sherrie said...

Yeah...Caleb thinks Santa pays for everything...meaning SANTA, not mommy & daddy. When he pointed at the sandbox in the Pottery Barn catalog, I told him it was $499. He said, "it's okay b/c Santa buys it." Ummm...yeah...sorry, buddy. I AM Santa, and I'm not buying you a $500 sandbox. Granted, it's cute and all, but no thank you!

Liz Mays said...

Toys are so expensive!!! It's outrageous! I couldn't afford that list!

Carri said...

I have a list quite like that. My daughter (9 years old) list included a American Girl doll, outfit and dog...(she too has more then I care to count), Ed Hardy boots ($100), DSI and Ipod Touch. Santa is bringing the IPod and Grandma got her the DSI. Needless to say we got her the rest. This Santa business is expensive and I too have created this monster. Does she deserve it probably not but I am still gullible and got it for her. My son super simple a DSI, devastator from Transformers and some transformers and cars toys oh and a video game. But his list doesnt even come close in comparison money wise. It is insane. Santa is bring the kids 1 thing each because I am taking this glory. I wish my 9 year old would stop believing already I want the glory for the touch. I know bad Mommy.

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute...the little one and her slippers! Your funny!

Im greatful, my 2 year olds list is 1. 2 trains
2. Drums
3. Sticks

Why 2 trains are in on one number and drums and sticks are separate is beside me but hey its his list and not too pricy!

Good luck with all that expensive shopping!

wife.mom.nurse said...

OMG! After going to American Girl in LA last weekend...I knew you would be broke at the first item.

Good luck Santa (mom and dad)!!!!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Stay strong, mama! (ha ha ha)
I think it kind of sucks that the fat man gets all the credit when we parents do all the work and cough up all the cash!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I love how Sass put 5 things on her 3 thing list. She's my kinda girl.

My girls have about 12 AG dolls and 4 bitty babies each. I don't mind though because studies show(sure they do) that girls who continue to play with dolls after like 6 or 7 are less likely to be out doing something else to get them into trouble. (that's what I told my husband)

My girls play HARD with their dolls. I stopped worrying about the number of dolls they have because of all the gifts I've ever bought them over the years, the AG dolls hold up the best and they get the most play time. I like the educational aspect of each character and the girls love the books.

When I miss a holiday I swear AG calls me to find out if I'm still alive or being held hostage.

Good luck with the list!!

Laura said...

OMG! I can't imagine shopping for THREE kids!!

BTW, Wayne got a kick out of your comment regarding Alise's clothes and then the deer. Yes, he reads my blog, too, so you can imagine what he had to say about the crush I had on the AT&T Tech nearly 20 years ago! God, he can be a pain in the arse!!

Tammy said...

We blew off the AG Tree house last year. reason: It wont fit in her room, so he cant bring it. It worked :) Kate did "Verify" SAnta this year and know she knows. She wanted to BF shop with me so I had to verify it-she said she knew but was afraid to say anything. We had alot of fun on BF and she does know the value of $ now @10 yrs. It still didnt stop her from thinking that BF Shopping was a free for all :) Good Luck-start feeeling Sassy out-she may already be questioning.

Tess @ Six Feet Under said...

Wow, sounds like the list my kids make. I cant believe what toys cost these days!

Michelle said...

You are nicer than me. My two girls say they want American Girl dolls. I almost bough my oldest daughter one for her birthday but they are so expensive and everytime I think I am going to do it she stops talking about it for weeks. My dilemma is after I buy this $100 doll is it simply going to sit on the shelf and never get played with like all her other toys?

My daughter is very aware of the money thing. That is why she made two lists, one for santa, one for mom and dad. She told me she put the American Girl doll, iPod, and laptop on the list for Santa since we can't afford all that!


Debra said...

I am not laughing at you - I am crying with you! My daughter will be 8 in Jan & it's the exact same thing here. She'll be lucky if she ends up getting anything, really. I agree, it must come from the husband's side. That's my story anyway.

Mine wants the Bitty Twin boys from AG - she has the girls, you would think that's enough.
Yes, they think Santa is loaded for sure!

Helene said...

You always crack me up!! I've noticed as Cole and Bella have gotten older that their wish list gets more and more expensive! The 2-yr olds would just be happy with a lollipop in their stocking. But the 5-yr olds...they want every thing they see in the store. I have no idea how to calm the monster within them!

capperson said...

I have a ten year old niece who is is love with the American Girls also. She has learned that Target has dolls that are not American Girls but are just like them, and she has fell in love with those. They are 20 or 25 i believe. She might like one of those and they have the cute stuff to go with them also :)

Foursons said...

I can so relate to this. I told the boys Santa only brings one gift and the rest are from us and we're P.O.O.R. hahaha

RN Mama said...

I cannot believe you ordered that American Girl tree house! You are crazy!!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Good idea to keep it to 3! It's so easy to go crazy. My daughter asked for a fish (I don't do things I have to take care of) and my son asked for a DS (we just got a Wii in the spring). Sooooo, I guess they get clothes and a couple toys. Oh, yeah and new snowboards.

Tracie said...

I'm so glad I don't have girls! My friend has a 4 yr. old who is insisting that her mom throw away all of her dolls and replace them with ONLY American Girl dolls. And my friend, the idiot, is doing it. She's working a full time job and 2 part time jobs to finance her daughter's AG habit. Ridiculous!

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