Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bo's Birthday Bash

*Disclaimer: This post contains lots of pictures, but they're kinda crappy because the operator is a bad photographer & took all the pictures in the action setting camera is getting old has seen better days.*

On Sunday we celebrated Bo's 5th birthday with a CANDY-themed party.

I was kind of concerned how things we going to turn out present-wise. On Friday night, Gammi let him pick out a toy for his birthday, but he wanted it then not at the party. He told me that she needed to give him that jet now because she was supposed to give him candy at his party.

I think that's what he really meant when he said he wanted a candy party, for everyone to give him lots of candy. Well that didn't happen, but the Semi-Slacker house did look like a candy store exploded it here. Willy Wonka would had been proud.

I took an idea from my blog friend Pink, Green & Southern who decorates the bar in her kitchen for every occasion & turned our bar into a Christmas Candy Bar. This picture does not do it justice. I really love it & plan to add to it next year! I just took a few close-ups, so if you're interested, I post them later.

That's my brother at the sink after our well-trained bulldog pottied on him. Too funny!

On the bar, we have: a Christmas tree of dum-dums, a gingerbread girl box (I made before kids), several pieces of my Christmas tin collection, peppermint candles, a candy-themed serving tray w/ 3 bowls (filled with white chocolate pretzel Christmas trees), 4 glass vases filled with M&Ms, old-fashion cut candy, ribbon candy & Christmas chocolates.

Two of the highlights of the candy bar are Sassy & Bo's gingerbread creations. that they started making about 9:30 Saturday night. I had a fit (not me) & wanted them to wait, but Sass insisted (imagine that) so I caved & I'm really glad I did. Aside from the construction work, each of them did their own decorating.

Sassy's house
(she ran out of candy, so we had to improvise with chocolate chips)

Bo's train. He tried to make it look "just like the box". He's weird like that, drives Sass crazy. The trees were my idea. I showed him how to do one, he did the rest. And I did the icing for the path (also my idea. After I decided I was going to put it on my bar, we had to cover up all the white space.)

And no pinata. (I don't think he even noticed)

This is Bo's Candy Shop. The bags are in the star baskets & the bowls are full of assorted candy. The children were able to fill up their bags with all the goodies. Can you believe we still had candy left? I also had candy cane-striped silly straws (in a beer glass).

On to the cake!!! This is the one Bo choose. My SIL made it. Didn't she do a great job? And since nobody at the SS house really likes yellow cake, she did the top layer strawberry & the bottom layer chocolate. Yummy ( excuse me while I get up & fix myself a piece) The big lollipops on top are white chocolate.

Again, this picture does not do it justice. It was really so much cuter in person. She also made sugar cookies iced to look like candy, that I bagged up & tied with a cookie cutter for each child.

The Candy Land obstacle course/jumper was a big hit!

Especially for these two little monkeys!
notsomuch for those poor white tights.

And fortunately there was no melt down when he got toys instead of candy. For some reason, I think he forgot all about the candy with such distractions as Nerf guns, footballs, sports stuff, Transformers, monster trucks, Hot Wheels & cool games! And the funniest thing, my BFF got him another gingerbread train & offered to exchange it but we asked him, he said 'No way! This one's different!" It was really the same train just decorated differently on the box.

And this is what happens to a birthday boy after a long day of jumpers, presents, pizza, candy & cake! BFF did the shirt! Don't you love it? I also had a candy-themed shirt on designed by my friend, Mark Ballard. But you can't see what's behind the camera. (Yes, he does need a haircut. And we took care of that yesterday. As always, a day late & a dollar short.)

And you know the party's a hit, when somebody forgets all about her manners
(not to mention a fork.)

Whew...and that hair! You'd think she'd been drinking PPPDs!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy!


Jenn said...

You're the second person I've seen in two days that has posted pictures of a candy themed birthday party. My daughter's birthday is on the 27th, and the last 2 years I've struggled with a theme because I don't want it to be too Christmas-y.

You've decided for me, I'm going to use your theme. Thank you!

Also, caramel brulee latte...I had to physically tell myself NOT to go to SB today to get one.

And finally, I'm the queen of saying not nice things. I can't help myself sometimes. I try to be nice most of the time, but I'm not always successful...

Foursons said...

You tell Sassy that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with making things look the way they do on the box. I mean really- if they are going to present the item to look like that, then by all means that is how it SHOULD look.

Ahem. Sorry, I know Sassy is just a little girl, but she kinda hit a sensitive spot. Can you tell?

The cake is awesome and I'm impressed she made the lollipops on top too!

Laura said...

AWESOME party, SS!! I've been dying to know which cake you decided on and I'm glad it was the one that I liked best, too!!

And I love Bo's shirt!

Sherrie said...

What an amazing birthday party. I am so impressed! The candy bar was fabulous and the bounce house was TDF. Kudos to you mom for giving your boy a day filled with amazing memories!

Sandra said...

I swear you are amazing to put all that together! It is so happy and colorful and fun. Love your candy bar and the kids' gingerbread creations! I'm a little worried about how you're gonna top this party! xoxo

Unknown said...

You are so amazing that you did it all--and did it so creatively! Me, I am paying a kiddie entertainer to come & sing/play guitar for the kiddos this weekend. feeding them PB & J and birthday cake. I'm lazy!

Princess Freckles said...

Looks like the party was a ton of fun! I love the theme! The candy bar and the cake both look beautiful! I think you're a great hostess!

Debra said...

How fun! The cake is too cute. And I love the candy bar idea.

mama's smitten said...

What an awesome party! you did such a great job! Love the cake and the candy bar !

Unknown said...

Everything turned out absolutely fabulous!!!

Nessa said...

Wow! That's a great spread! Everything looks fantastic!

Tracie said...

That looks like an awesome party! I love that cake! You really went all out. Good job, mom!

Sarah Wyland said...

That's it - I want a candy-themed party. It's happening. Don't know when, but it is!

Happy Birthday to Bo!

Henley on the Horn said...

What a PRECIOUS birthday party!! Your island does look like what Pink, Green, and Southern would do! Great job, semi slacker!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

WOW, that is one amazing party. I'm really going to have to come up with some good ideas for when the dude is a bit older!

Nancy C said...

That cake is gorgeous. What a fun day!

KK said...

That is the cutest party ever!!!

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