Friday, December 18, 2009

2 birds with 1 stone

Because I'm crazy & tired & it's only the 1st day of Christmas vacation, I'm linking up with 2 of my blog friends today for

Julie at Foursons'

and Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time's

Dear Calendar,

You suck. Enough said.


The major slacker (& her husband) that has done hardly any shopping & needs at least another week.


Dear Husband,

Either let's go shopping or give me your wallet & don't bitch about how much I spend. NOW.


Your let's get this crap over with, needs a vacation wife.


On to the fragments...

Let me just go ahead & let you know that my son will never be walking any kind of red carpet. Some of you may remember the Halloween parade incident.

Well yesterday was the last day of school & the lower school teachers had planned kind of a Christmas show/time-killer thing with all the lower school CHILDREN, no adults. And Bo's class was acting out the Christmas Story. (The other kids sang carols, the teachers danced, very low-key.)

They were missing shepherd #1. He woke up a 5 am puking. And he did fine the day before performing for the parents in the classroom. He just can not perform in front of crowds. He doesn't verbally object, he just gets sick. PTL, we had the class party on Wednesday.

We went on to school after Baby Girl's playschool party & there was no chance of him being able to perform. And I called Dr. K.

*Baby Girl keeps telling me we have to take down the decorations because it's not Halloween. She's a little off.

*I still haven't let the cat out of the bag. Yet.

*Tomorrow night's the adults-only Christmas party. That is the most wonderful time of the year.

** WE'RE IN THE TOP 5!!! The voting ends TONIGHT!!! Help the children! VOTE #6!**


Foursons said...

Killing two birds with one stone sounds like a grand idea to me!

And I told hubby the other day that he would have to shop for the older two, 'cause I'm done.

Thanks for linking up!

Shell said...

Have fun at your party tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I puke when I have to do crowds too... arggg ;(

have a great time at your party

huray little man #6


RN Mama said...

Yahoooo...have fun at that party!

I am stupid, I went to vote, and I didn't know how. Am I slow, or what?

Laura said...

Dancing teachers? Oh, my!

Sarah Wyland said...

My mom said something similar to my stepdad about shopping... They are WAY behind and now it's snowing like crazy and more snow is predicted two different times this coming week - we're getting around 2 feet tonight/tomorrow alone!

Poolside with the Girls said...

poor Bo!

Have fun at the party!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a FAB time at the adults only Party! I need one of those...

just out visiting all the Friday Fragmenters

Lisa@saltandlightstudio said...

'Sup Semi-Slacker Mom?

Just wanted to pop over and say "Game well played!" Congrats on your 3rd place finish in PBD's contest, your little Butt Crack Boy is freakin' cute so cute that had I not been a fellow contestant I would positively have thrown some votes your way. Promise. I even said so in my post today and bloggin' it is practically like pinky swearing it.


Unknown said...

Good job!

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