Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating Semi-Slacker Style...

There's no sense in carving your pumpkin, say maybe a week before, when you can do it the night before Helloween. (That's not misspelled.) Retro did a pretty good job monogramming the ginormous pumpkin (like 50 lbs) we had to get at the fruit stand because it wasn't selling a week before Helloween.

Let me just say, I am not a fan of Halloween on the weekend (except after the festivities). Unfortunately for me I did not have an activity planned during the day to occupy my children's time until the witching hour. If Sassy asked me one more time "how much longer?" I was going to choke her scream. Apparently helping me fix the food is not entertaining enough for her.

Finally after a Xanax & Smiroff Ice cocktail it was time to get ready. well actually it was past time because I didn't have any help in the kitchen. Semi-Slackers running behind? Imagine that. So here's what we pulled off by 4:30.

Belle, a fisherman (or Huckleberry Finn, whatever) & the Sassy Witch. Her friend, #2W, told her that her costume was good because it fit her. He said it, not me. well really I did, but apparently my opinion doesn't count.

And just so you know I did participate in Helloween. Here's the proof. I'm a cowgirl. Retro said country fan. Sass said Carrie Underwood. Sometimes she's so smart sweet.

Sass decorated the mantel. There's a fall wreath hanging behind me. But we weren't entertaining or anything this month, so whatever. I'm hiring her out for all your Christmas decorating needs. maybe she'll be too busy to "help" me. dream on...

So we're out the door & it's sprinkling. Oh goody. And I hot-rolled mine & Baby Girl's hair. Anyway... our first stop was downtown to visit Maw-Maw's house (not my Maw-maw, but you know). Only because I have a SUV, I drive through some backyards, there's way too much traffic.
She lives on Main Street & in our little town, we have something called "Nightmare on Main Street" were all the businesses in town give out candy. I was a good idea, 10 years ago. But now it's way too crowded & trashy. And the majority of the people, don't live here and/or way too old.
case in point...
But Maw-Maw stills loves it & her whole family & several friends join her in her annual Halloween "get-together". Seriously, they probably give out 40 lbs of candy. It is OUT.OF.CONTROL.
I don't know if I've mentioned that "My Annie" is a hairdresser, well her shop is next door to Maw-Maw's & she wanted us to come by & see them. The angels must have been shining down on me or the Lord was feeling sorry for me, either way Annie & Lisa were visiting when we got there! So we only had to witness the masses from afar.

How much do you love Lisa's Cruella outfit? She made it herself. And Annie is a gypsy. Her crystal ball told her it was going to be a long night. Isn't B cute as Dopey & M as Snow White.
After that appearance, we were off to the annual Bunko Babes Trick or Treating Extravaganza. Along with the ever popular Pickles & Cheese, this is what I decided to make

A 7-Layer Mexican Dip with a jack-o-lantern face. Sometimes my semi-creative side really does come out. I was really creative before children.
This is a crappy picture & Amber's gonna be pissed that I got a picture of her arse, but I wanted y'all to see how we roll (in a trailer pulled by a truck). We had 23 kids total & 10 families involved in this organized chaos.

Retro pulled himself away from the AU/FL? game showed up just in time for the Trick or Treating portion of the evening's activities. Another crappy picture. But I've never claimed to be a photographer. Baby Girl's in hog heaven.

And Bo really does kill me. One of the houses was all decked out & had a little mini haunted trail. Last year everybody was too scared, this year we all manned-up. And my Bo, not 2 hours earlier, refused to get his picture made with Cruella de Vil, but he will surely take some candy from this guy. No problem.

Y'all know I love this picture. I just wish the quality was better. Always love a good "booty shot". Retro notsomuch.

And this is how we finished up a fabulous evening. Special thanks to the Doles family for hosting. I'll take my turn when the kids are all too old to T or T. (Not because I don't want to, we don't have any neighbors. give me some credit.)

* Going to visit with Dr. H tomorrow. My mother and everyone elsethinks my medicine isn't working. I guess because I blasted the preacher yesterday. Oh & I've been having chronic UTIs. I'll let y'all know how that goes down.
**And if something doesn't make sense, check back tomorrow, I'll edit it then. I've got a massive headache.


Unknown said...

OMG---UTI's are the worst. What do you take? I hope you have some of those over-the-counter pills that turn your pee red to at least take the edge off.

I hope you get to feeling much better soon. These pics are priceless!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween.

What flavor Smirnoff Ices? I just found the Mango ones a few months back and they are my favorite.

We were running late too. We rushed to walk down the street the a Halloween carnival which ended up being a bust.

Oh well the kids had fun!

Foursons said...

Busy night! And you totally looked like Carrie Underwood!

Sandra said...

Your family is just too precious! I mean I loved this post. xoxoxo

Laura said...

Loved this! You guys really know how to T&T!

BTW, I'm still waiting on the preacher story. Maybe another post?

Good luck at the doc's! Do ya think the mix of Xanax and Smirnoff has anything to do with it?

KK said...

I love your small town--I want to live there or at least visit!

Tracie said...

You and your kiddos looked adorable! I love the Cruella costume, too.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes preachers deserve a good blasting.

Tracie Nall said...

Great costumes! That seven layer dip is making me hungry!

RN Mama said...

Your kids looked so cute! Loved your costume too:) I'm still waiting for you to send me some of that damn xanax!

Henley on the Horn said...

You are a nut! By the way, that is a BIG compliment & means I really liked what I read. I'm glad you had a fun Helloween! Love the trailor!

wife.mom.nurse said...

oh my goodness, what a ton of fun!

For a halloween grinch you do great!!!

The costumes are cute mama cowgirl.

The pumpkin was awesome :)

And I am stealing the idea for the layer dip! Cute~

Great post !

kanishk said...

I just found the Mango ones a few months back and they are my favorite. Work from home India

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