Sunday, November 8, 2009

Santa, Elmo & the 80s

My good friend, Amber's little boy's birthday party was yesterday & Elmo made an appearance. Well we all know how much Bo loves "characters" & M's about as big a fan.

So the girls are eating their cake & M (BFF's daughter) asks me if Bo liked Elmo. I told her, "about as much as you".

Then I asked her if she was going to sit on Santa's lap this year. Without missing a beat, she told me "I've been bad."

I guess that'll be Bo's excuse too.

In his goody bag from the party, Bo got some Pop Rocks. I told him that if you eat 'em & drink Coke, your stomach would explode. He thought that was cool.

A few minutes later, Sass asked him if she could have some. He said, "Sure. You want some Coke?"

I'm raising some loving children, aren't I?

Friday night, the Hornets barely won their 1st GISA playoff game.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that there were NO signs on campus saying anything about beating Holy Spirit (Prep).

I wonder?

Our local jewelry store is closing after 65 years. This is Retro's "go-to" place for gifts. I don't know where he'll shop now. At least he'll have my birthday covered with those diamond earrings I've been coveting for quite some time. They ARE on sale.

Mary Alice on Ace of Cakes was just talking about Caboodle's. Now that's a blast from the past.


KK said...

I loved my Caboodle. It was seafoam green. Or should I say it IS seafoam green--I still have it! I use it as a sewing box now.

Foursons said...

I watched a Myth Busters show on Pop Rocks and soda. It was very interesting!

Jennifer said...

Caboodle - I loved mine. Of course, it was pink like everything else I owned. HA!

Jessica Ryan said...

LOL at the Pop Rocks and Coke... yep, Mikey ate it and he died!!! (Is Mikey before your time?)

Sam said...

Love love LOVE ace of Cakes. We Tivo it. Mary Alice is the best admin assit ever.
Please tell me you aren't talking about Bashinski's? Honey got all my "you gave me a baby so here's something" gifts, there!
And do you really want a sign saying beat the Holy Spirit? (I couldn't resist! And I could go way worse but I won't)

Tracie Nall said...

I still have my old caboodle-purple with pink and white polka dots!

Also, I love Ace of Cakes!

Tammy said...

I always wanted a caboodle-but I never really had enough to put in it. I probably still don't.
We gave Pop Rocks at Katie's 10th party-1st thing my hub said was-make sure they don't drink Coke! (Like Im giving, 6, 10 year olds Coke before bed anyway!)

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness - I hadn't thought of Caboodles in years! Have a great evening!! xoxo

Tracie said...

I always wanted a Caboodle, too but my mom wouldn't get me one. My oldest tried to explode his stomach with pop rocks and soda as often as possible. The youngest tries to explode his stomach by waiting a week and a half between BM's.

Sarah Wyland said...

Your kids are a hoot!

I had a purple Caboodle. Loved that thing...

Lee said...

My daughter was scared of Elmo but my son loved him.

Beth Dunn said...

So funny! My children would do the exact same thing. I'm convinced my younger one is a serial killer. xoxo


Laura said...

My caboodle was lavender. It bit the dust a LONG time ago.

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