Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Already Thursday?

I started this post last night.

First off, let me say Happy Birthday to my daddy. He's 60 today & 35 years ago he was just about to receive the best birthday present ever. ME! I tell him that every year.

This week is flying by...

Yesterday, Sassy & I (and the rest of the 2nd grade) took a trip back in time in the 19th century with a trip to the Agrirama in South GA.

And let me tell you, as screwed up as the world is these days, this Semi-Slacker Mom would not do well "back in the day". However, I have decided that someone needs to come up with a modern version of the butter press. with your monogram, of course.

Then, inspired by Jessica, I made Pilgram Hat Cookies for Bo & Baby Girl's class parties. And the Semi-Slacker children's hors d'Ĺ“uvre of choice, Pigs in a Blanket. A must-have for all our parties! redneck. I know.

And how is it that I have to do 7 teacher happys & I only have 3 children. Bo alone has 4!

I have found a solution to the "does Santa exist" question. Check this out...

And if you click here, 50% of the only $10 it costs for another year of Santa magic will go to Jaden Duttine.

If you need any ideas for a precious little girl's party, check out this post over at Pink, Green & Southern. The tricks she's pulling are going to make Bo's "Candy" party look like we just went to Mickey D's. not there's anything wrong with a party at McDonald's (or Burger King). I think I had one of mine there, when my mother was 8 months pregnant with my brother. That may explain some things.

The Crocoholics got their latest shipment today. The Blitzen. Bo got black & pink/brown for the girls.

The Semi-Slacker house looks like a GAP tornado went through it! There are clothes EVERYWHERE! I'm still trying to go through winter/summer, what fits/what doesn't, you know all that drama. And I'm WAAAAY behind on folding clothes.

We're having a party Saturday night. The yard & outside of the house got cleaned today. And tomorrow's job for the housekeeper is to hide stuff! That's Semi-Slacker cleaning at it's finest!

The Semi-Slacker's are in mourning. well Retro & Sassy. UGA VII died of a heart attack today. Retro says our defensive coordinator caused it.


KK said...

Awww, thanks so much for the sweet shout out. I am smiling over here.

And craving pigs in a blanket!

Sam said...

I love the Pilgrim hats. I will be doing that! My sympathy for UGA VII. Those poor dawgs, suffer lots of medical problems. I hope yours does not. We are boxer people. (We have a terrier puppy because I was mourning my boxer too much to get another right away.) You sound busy with purpose!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Boy, things have been CRAZY busy at your house. Hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving!! Love & blessings from NC!

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