Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's a positive with every negative

Thanks to the Poison Ivy Outbreak of '09, we were able to successfully get rid of Bo's pillow.

I've blogged about his pillow before, it's a white Ralph Lauren feather pillow with the Polo horse printed in white all over & missing about 75% of it's feathers. (You should see the lent tray when I wash it.)

I got it when I went to college in 1993.

He loved his pillow & would not sleep without it. Seriously. It's been to the beach, Disney World, Babsy's house, sometimes he would even take with him in the car. Fortunately, he never really hauled it around in public. But, Retro hated it, germophobia and all.

Anyway...we took this opportunity to tell him there was poison ivy in his pillow & we HAD to get rid of it or he won't stop itching. Yeah, I lied!

He suggested we recycle it, so I made a big deal about putting it in a trash bag by itself & together we put it in the trashcan. (Because the trash man was going to take it to be recycled.)

I told him they would send him a new pillow in a package (UPS). I really was going to do this, but he cried for maybe 2 nights & really hasn't mentioned it since. My baby's growing up.

I kind of really wanted to save it as a keepsake. It was almost like part of the family.


KK said...


Jessica Ryan said...

Hmmm... I think Rebecca's blanket is catching a bad case of poison ivy!!!

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! He was such a trooper!

Sandra said...

We had a Papoo and Blankie! Love these stories, SSM!!

Helene said...

You are SO clever!! So something good did come out of the whole poison ivy fiasco. I dreaded taking Cole's paci away when he turned 3 but finally when I did, he cried for maybe 1-2 nights and then went about life as usual. If I had known it would be that easy, I would've done it when he was 2!!

You could do SO much with a cake with a Candyland theme!!!! That would be a lot of fun!!!

Princess Freckles said...

You should see the pillow I use! I've had it my whole life and it probably wasn't new when I started using it! Might have been my mother's. Its very thin and hard. The inside lining is all torn to shreds. I love it though! My fiance thinks its crazy that I'm so attached to it!

Suzy said...

My sister had two little blankets. She called them both Ninny because she thought there was only one of them. Mom used to cleverly switch one out to be washed so my sister was none the wiser.

When she was little my sister had two long gorgeous curls that went down her back. When she cut it off my mother saved it and my sister still has it. I've begged her to donate it to make wigs for cancer patients but she seems unable to part with it. And it's STILL gorgeous over 40 years later.

I wonder where Ninny is?

Nishant said...

that is so sweet! He was such a trooper!
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Laura said...

Sweet story!

Foursons said...

Clever, very very clever!

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