Friday, October 30, 2009

Stage Fright much?

or Just another drama-filled day at the Semi-Slackers.

Today was the Annual Costume Parade for the Pre-K, K & 1st grade at Bo & Sass's school.

All yesterday afternoon, Bo talked about his costume, the parade & his party. Sassy's complained that she didn't get to dress-up for school. How unlike her. So we tried Bo's costume on him & kinda walked him through what he'll do on stage. He was pumped!

Fast forward to this morning, his costume was a fisherman & I had come up with the idea for him to hand the MC ("the funnest teacher" according the Sass) a (gummy) worm after she introduced him. He thought that was hilarious!

So I get him completely dressed his overalls, hat, etc. & he tells me his tummy hurts. I fix him some juice, but he won't eat. Momma comes over to get Baby Girl & tells him how cute he is. She doesn't get out the door good & he gets sick. After that he's fine.

Until we get to school. He plays for awhile, but when everyone arrives & the parade is mentioned, he got as white as a ghost. And I grabbed him up & covered his mouth, until we got to the trashcan. With all this flu business going around, I'm glad all the mommas had left the room to get a good seat for the parade. So we were out!

Since I'm the room mother & Sass would STROKE OUT if I missed her party too, I sped down the interstate, met momma at a gas station, hand off Bo to her, run in the store to get a Cherry Coke to take 2 Xanax & head back down the interstate. Made it back it plenty of time. I'm good like that.

After doing all my volunteer work at school & eating lunch with Sass, I call Momma to check on Bo.

He's fine. Imagine that. And has been fine ever since.

Dr. K may have to write him a script for the school's annual musical.

If you're a new reader, don't be alarmed. This is the kind of thing that always happens around here.


Unknown said...

Aw man there is nothing worse then the kid getting sick at school! All the other moms always glare and think you are trying to get their kid sick on purpose! glad he is feeling better and that you were SUPER MOM today and able to get back in time! props to grandma

Tracie Nall said...

Wow! All that and somehow you managed to make it all work out!

Be prepared for oral reports in a few years ;) Glad that he is doing fine now!

Happy Weekend!

Margaret said...

You are amazing!!!!!!

Laura said...

So you think he got "stage fright?" Your plans were adorable, but I swear i have the same kinda luck! There is always a HUGE game between my expectations and reality! Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Gap. I meant huge GAP!

Helene said...

Awww, poor lil guy! Bella is like that too....the thought of performing in front of people makes her want to puke. Their little nerves can't take the pressure...LOL!!

I'm tired after reading about your day!! But if anyone can roll with it, it's YOU!

Sandra said...

Never - Never quit blogging about your adventures!! Love them and y'all! xoxo

Jessica Ryan said...

and something else new readers... the Xanax is a completely normal part of her posts too!! LMAO!!!

I heart you T!!!! XOXO

Sarah Wyland said...

Aw, poor Bo!

I'm sure you didn't break any speed limits getting back to school. :)

Love your family adventures!

Poolside with the Girls said...

Don't feel bad, mine did the same thing. Just as the parade started...she's got something...not just stage fright, sadly!

Have a good time trick or treating...we might be home for the night

Tracie said...

You're good! It's lucky that you have your mom close by to hand him off to.

wife.mom.nurse said...

you really are an amazing mama!

Mrs4444 said...

Poor little guy! I'm glad you were able to make the party :)

RN Mama said...

Oh my word, he seriously puked? And you seriously took 2 xanax, or was that a joke?!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Just a typical day in the life!

Unknown said...

RN Mama- Seriously. I wish it was a joke.

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