Thursday, October 29, 2009

Okay all you party planners...

I need some ideas. So get those creative juices flowing & help me out. Because we all know my brain is on overload, so I've got nothing.

Here's what I need:
  • ideas for candy-themed birthday party in December
  • yummy & EASY dip for Halloween (STAT)

I've seen/read about your fabulous parties so I know several of you are pros at this kind of stuff! And I'll totally give you all the credit!


Jessica Ryan said...

who is the candy themed party for?
that's easy... I'll help out but I need to know name and age!

How many people are going to the 60th?

Can you do a 7 layer dip? Call it Monster Mash and serve it with blue corn chips (Dead chips!)

KK said...


is a great dip but it is sweet, not savory. Go to Eddie Ross' blog for lots of other cool Halloween appetizer ideas.

I have lots of party blogs in my reader that have great candy party ideas--let me know if you want me to send them to you!

KK said...

Also for a savory dp try pumpkin hummus http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-Hummus/Detail.aspx

Laura said...

I've never been to a 60th wedding anniversary, but i have been to a 50th. The party favors were small silk giftbags filled with nice chocolates wrapped in gold foil. You know what I'm talking about? Like the NICE chocolate candies - not hershey kisses. Sorry, but that probably doesn't help.

As for dip, search my recipes (link on right side bar) for Apache Bread. So easy! Just mix everything together and serve with Wheat Thins. Always a hit and great with wine!

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I am most ashamed to say, its been forever since I have been by here! It takes me over 24 min to load my own blog- so I never get to visit anyone else anymore=((ok add another party to the list- this one's a pity party!

The Candy Land one was in Jan. http://hellesonquest.blogspot.com/2009_01_01_archive.html#4724895090111566495

And at Walmart they now have adorable candy themed cakes, Look very sim to candyland. Oriental trading has the complete decorations for it in a package now.

Whatever dip you do, carve out a small pumkin and put it in it for display.
I am going to go play catch up on your blog now!

Anonymous said...

Ok I think a dip in a hollowed out pumpkin is a great idea and it doesnt matter what dip you use - great idea Journey on! by Kelleye

Favors- its super hard to do a unisex favor and especially since the people will be a little older. So the best would be chocolate or a nice candle, not super original but off the top of my head thats all I could think of. Also a cool little coin jar would also be neat, you could buy the little jars at Michaels and just slit the tops, decorate as you wish!

Candy party - obviously a candy bar is neat and for my sons bday party I also did a make your own cupcake instead of cake. I made different flavors and just frosted them with different frostings and put out bowls of gummy worms, m&m's, skittles, stuff like that! Another good idea for center pieces which is kind of obvious too is a bouquet of lollipops in the center in a pot filled with m&m's. There so much, specifically what do you still need to work on?

Jennifer said...

I want to try out this dip. It has great reviews and looks yummy.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I have a dip that is super easy and tastes incredible.

Just shred 8 oz. of swiss cheese. Add several diced green onions. Then mix with enough Hellmann's to make it creamy. You can also add some dried chipped beef that has been diced.

What about doing a cookie or cupcake decorating party in December or making Gingerbread Houses?

Not sure about ideas for the 60th Birthday party. Depends on who it is for and what they like.

Sorry that I could not be of more help...

Tammy said...

Shameless self plug coming!
I make lollipop shaped soap about 3 inches in diameter. They are really cute see here : http://www.milkandcookeez.com/category_111/Lollipop-Shaped-Soap.htm
Also-if you go for the candyland theme gingerbread man soaps-which can be done in the primary colors like the game http://www.milkandcookeez.com/item_292/Gingerbread-Man-Soap.htm
I LOVE the Candy theme! I have lots of ideas. wrap plain $ store balls in cellophne with ribbon ties and you have candy party favors that double as decorations. Many more ideas, but Im burnt-long day.
Sorry for the plug, but I thought the lollipops would be sweet, no pun. Also, I can get you at wholesale if you need a bunch :)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I found this online this week:
Warm Taco Dip
1/2 lb ground beef
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
1/2 oz taco seasoning
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Brown meat in skillet; drain.
Reserve 2 tbsp tomatoes for garnish.
add remaining tomatoes and taco seasoning to skillet; cook 5 minutes.
Spoon into 1 1/2 quart shallow baking dish and top with cheese.
Bake at 375 degrees F for 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted.
Garnish suggestions: tomatoes, sliced green onions, avacado, sour cream, etc...

wife.mom.nurse said...


I love the "STAT". You should be a doctor ;)

No creative juices flowed :(

Ashlee said...

I don't know if it fits your description of easy, but there was a pumpkin shaped cheese ball in Southern Living this month (the one with the pumpkin cakes on front). It would be impressive and yummy too! Otherwise, do the cheese boat on my blog (look under recipes). It's easy and it's always a hit!

Henley on the Horn said...

You need to make CDS of songs from the year the 60 year old was born (1949) and put a pic of them on the cover. Everyone will LOVE it!

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