Monday, October 19, 2009

Look at me! Look at me!

My BF, SupahMommy, hosts a fabulous MEme every Monday. So go check her out today. and next Monday. and the next. Get it?

All about MEme Monday: Standing out in the Crowd.

This semi-slacker is not one to blend in with the crowd. It's been said that I "walk to the beat of my own drummer". Is that a complement or maybe not?

Here's how the Semi-Slacker's stand out in a crowd:

1. I'm the one that looks like I'm going to the gym. And we all know that's the last place you'll find me! But I promise, I do clean-up well. Well, in my opinion.

LL Bean Perfect Fit pants & Soffe shorts are my best friends. Now that I just checked out Soffe's website, we will be getting even closer. My thought is, around my small town (which is NOT by any means the fashion capital), I don't have anyone to impress. And you shouldn't judge someone by their outfit. That's not really true, but it sounded all PC & all. It's not like I always look like a bum & hell, I payed $35 for some pants to wear to the grocery store & the turnaround. It's just where I'm going that I know everyone or don't care.

If you meet me & I'm dressed really cute & preppy, that means I really like you.

2. I'm the one with the 3 stair-step children walking behind me like ducklings. (on a good day) Or I could be the one with 3 children running around like fools out of control. (on most days). And if it's one of those days, they'll look like homeless children.

3. I'm the one that is usually in charge. or suppose to be. Sometimes walking around in a daze. or trying to wrangle children. or chit-chatting with my peeps.

4. I'm the one with the sunglasses on either my face or my head. My eyes are super sensitive & if I'm tired, which is 99% of the time, it's worse. It doesn't have to be sunny. or daylight. I'll even wear them in the rain or inside if it's bright. Plus when I'm not wearing them on my face, they make the cutest headband. Is it weird that I can't pull off a regular headband, but I rock a sunglasses headband?

5. I'm the one with junkiest car in the pick-up line. Seriously. Stuff falls out when the kids open the door. And I clean it out at least once a week. Retro fusses about it all the time. "You drive a $50,000 automobile & it looks like a pig sty." Listen buddy, this vehicle is our 2nd home. We dress here, we eat here & we even sleep here (well some of us). So take your pick, which one would you rather be junky, the house or the "mobile home"? I really wouldn't ask him that because he would say that they both are junky. I did get a new housekeeper. Think she'll clean the car too?

If any of this does not make sense, please excuse me. My brain has been on overload lately. and I'm not really sure why.


Courtney said...

I'm new to the Monday Meme...but I like it! I wear sunglasses all the time, too. And I get made fun of for it. Oh...and my car? Is overflowing with junk of all kinds. I have three kids...that aren't the slightest bit tidy! Ummm, neither am I, for that matter.

Gracie Beth said...

My mom's old car used to be trashed too! That suburban was pretty much our mobile home.

MommyLisa said...

I am not sure I can relate, but I love sunglasses too.

Laura said...

Ha! I'm thinking the reason your brain is on overload is because of all that FAIR FOOD from last week!

Lurve the sunglasses/headband look. I sport it alot, too!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

My car is always a disaster area! It is embarrassing at times but seriously who has time to care :)

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

um.. im not too happy SSM-

seems you have an awful lot of BF's on your blog ..
other bloggies?

what is going on??

i'll wait right here til you answer me.
im not going away


( holding the xoxox 's back 4 now)

* homeless children ( pmplol)

Poolside with the Girls said...

My mini van was a rolling toy box/trash can. We bought an ML350 this year and things have been oh so clean! No trash allowed.

Margaret said...

My car is always full of crap too!

Shell said...

Great list!

That's what my truck looks like, too. I attempt to clean it up every once in a while and then it's right back to looking like we live in it.

Sandra said...

Your post made me laugh out loud! I love it - a new definition for Mobile Home! You're the Best Semi!! xoxo

Foursons said...

Bahahahahaha! Crap falls out of my van too, but it is a 2001 model and it looks like crap on the outside and inside so I don't care much.

And I can rock the sunglasses headband too, but regular headbands- not a chance.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Great post!! When I taught pre-school and I helped with carpool, we saw some cars that had so much stuff in the floorboard of the car, you couldn't even see the carpet. As a Mom, there are just not enough hours in the day to keep the car and the house clean. Something has to give. Enjoyed hearing more about you. Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

Helene said...

I've always been envious of those ladies who can pull of the sunglass headband. Mine always fall down and they make my hair look funny when I finally decide to give up!

Haley said...

Sounds like me - minus the children. haha. Sunglasses on my head or face, eyes always tired, eat, sleep, and get dressed in my car. Uh-huh. :)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Our church is very casual, and this past Sunday I wore a Soffe jogging suit...one of the nice velour(?) ones...and a friend said "You look so comfortable!" I wasn't quite sure how to take that. LOL!

KK said...

The sunglass headband ROCKS!

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