Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who do I need to talk to?

Seriously. About getting some more hours added to my days? Well at least today & tomorrow.

Here's what I got-

*Pick up Baby Girl from playschool in 45 minutes. (got extra clothes in case she ate snack on her shirt)
*Lunch for my favorite Annie's birthday
*Hit the Wal-Mart -new pillow for R, (& he's being rather picky, but doesn't want a nice goose-down or feather one) sunglasses straps for R, (the kind that fits on the ends) Zyrtec chewables, (we're out of liquid Benadryl remember & yes it's for the car ride) & snacks.
*Head to the school for guess. More cheer drama.
*Take Sassy her snack & clothes for cheer camp.
*Let Bo & Baby Girl play on the playground for a hour & a 1/2 or go shopping for a new Vera bag with a zipper for WDW to empty the XL LV junk in.
*Study for the 30-word spelling test Sass has to take tomorrow! a day early.
*Finish the Proud to be an American essay that I Sass has been working my her butt off on. Due tomorrow.
*Tomorrow playschool for BG p/u at 12. Thinking about picking Bo up before aftercare at 11:30, if (please, please) I don't have to stay around during cheer camp.
*Wash the car. (at the drive-thur car wash, of course)
*Back to the school at 4:45 for Sass.
*Have the car packed so we can leave FIRST THING!!!
*And tomorrow's picture day!!!

And do you think I have packed a thing for the trip. helltothe NO!

I had Waffle House yesterday for lunch & was pukey last night. So that's precious time lost. Thanks to the patty melt plate scattered, smothered & covered.

So what am I doing? Blogging, of course.

Don't be mad if you don't hear from me till after next Wednesday. I had planned to schedule some posts & have some great ones in my head, but haven't had time. Did watch GL last night. Alan's dead. And ya'll know I DON'T have a laptop.

And I think I need some new brown shoes for WDW. Not feeling the whole Mary Jane Croc thing anymore & these Cole Haan cuties I'm wearing now ain't made for walking. Think I can find some cute sandals in September? And sandals, only because it's FL. And I just got a fresh pedi. Made time for that for sure!

Hasta! I'm late.


Sandra said...

Excuse me while I got take a nap after reading your post. I'm exhausted :-) Have fun in WDW. Will miss you if you don't post for a week!! xoxo

Princess Freckles said...

Have a fun trip! You can get though all this craziness, because you're going to the happiest place on earth! I know, I'm a nerd, but seriously have a great time!

Jessica Ryan said...

plain rubber flip flops from ON. Wear em and toss em. That's what I wear when we go there.

oh wow... you have a lot on your plate don't you?

If I had a ton of money I would buy you a laptop my friend... I will be missing your posts (I will know that you have prewritten the upcoming ones and that is not the same) and your FB comments.

Have a great time, wave Hi to Mickey for me.... if you go to Hollywood Studios run over to Speedpass the toy story ride first thing. You will NOT be disappointed. Best in the park!

C ya real soon!

kimert said...

Well that was a tiring read! LOL I hope you get everything done without dropping over. ;) Please tell the whole Disney family that the Emert's miss them! teehee have a fabulous trip!!!

KK said...

Have a great trip! Life is crazy but you WILL get it all done and have the time of your life at WDW!

Unknown said...

Wow. Just reading that tired me out!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Have a great trip! Now, did you just admit to writing your child's paper??? Your talking to a teacher here!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

When you get all of this figured out, please let me know!

Kathy B! said...

When you figure out how to get that extra hour will you pick a couple up for me? I'll pay ya back. Promise!

The Preppy Princess said...

We're with Preppy101, needing a nap to offset the exhaustion that set in just reading this, let alone living it, yikes! You need a clone Miss Barbour, maybe two!

Hopefully you won't even see this until you return from Disney World, tanned and rested. (well, we can dream, can't we?) Heh-heh. :)

emma zyrtec said...

Just stumbled on your blog - delightful and crazy. I love it.

Unknown said...

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