Saturday, September 12, 2009

They're blowing out my Light

I am really upset that my all time favorite show ever, The Guiding Light, is going off the air. I know ya'll are thinking, it's just a soap opera. But think of it like a book you are really into, you don't want the story to end. However, on Friday, September 18 (while I'm on my way to WDW) CBS will air the final episode of my story.

I have been watching as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite characters were on in the 1980s, like Roger & Holly. And Nola.

I mean I feel like I know the Bauer, Spaulding, Chamberlain, Reardon, Raines, Lewis & Cooper families. In fact, some of the things that happen on the show kind of remind me of things that on go around here in our extended social circle. The writers also share my love of using family names for the children. Marah, Shanye, Coop. A family friend's son played young James a couple of years ago, he's Sass's age & now James is 18.

Guiding Light has been on radio/TV for 72 years. And they are cancelling it. And replacing it with Wayne Brady's version of Let's Make a Deal. Who is in charge at CBS? Obama? Cancel Bold & the Beautiful, now there's some crazy folks. Plus, there's not enough families involved in the story lines.

Ever since the Semi-Slacker House got a DVR, I have been recording the show, even if I'm home, but I won't watch it till the children are in bed & R's watching TV in the living room. I have to concentrate (and lately cry) so I can remember every detail.

I know some of you have to be as loyal a viewer as me, so let's take a trip down memory lane.
Do ya'll remember...

*when Phillip, Rick, Beth & Mindy were the best of friends?
*when Reva was married to Alan (old Alan, he died IRL)
*San Cristabel
*Reva's white beach house (I loved that house!)
*Amish country
*Roxie & Rusty
*that Lizzie had cancer as a child
*I remember when Shanye Lewis was born & now he's almost as old as me.
*when Dinah came home from being in the circus
*when Cross Creek was far away from Springfield
*all 7 of Reva's husbands & many weddings -Lewis, Lewis, Spaulding, Lewis, Winslow, Cooper, Lewis, Lewis, O'Neill
*Harley & Dylan

I could go on forever, but my absolute favorite episode ever was the one where Reva jumped into a fountain & baptized herself, The Slut of Springfield. My second favorite is the wedding of Reva & Josh when Reva came up in the rowboat dressed like a Southern belle with that wide brim hat. Obviously, I love Reva. She's been a tramp, Amish, dead (a few times), cloned, a princess, 2 of her former step-son's wife, talk show host, psychic & a cancer survivor. What will I do without some Reva Drama, which is much better than Mama Drama, in my life?

Since ya'll took my little walk down memory lane, here's a little Guiding Light quiz & if someone can answer of these they will win a wonderful surprise!

1. What is Blake first name & how was she conceived?
2. Which is the oldest family on the show?
3. Name all Reva's children & their fathers.
4. Harley's full name.
5. Where was the last place Reva "died"?
6. Which character was a newspaper reporter?
7. Who brought Reva to Springfield?

Told ya'll I'd been watching forever.

If anyone from CBS is reading this, could ya'll at least release a DVD box set of the best episodes.


Helene said...

You know, for some reason I never watched GL. I was a huge fan of DOOL back in the day!

kimert said...

I honestly have never been a Soap watcher. Well, I did watch *one* for the short period it was on but only because my uncle's brother (no kidding!) was a lead character in it. At any rate, I'm sorry to hear your sad knews (for you).

Laura said...

Ok, Girl! You are ate up with some GL!! When I did watch - in the '80's - I do remember Beth, Philip, Mindy, and Rick. I remember Reva & Josh, but she was married to H.B.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with ya girl . LOVE My GL ! I am so upset they are going off the air. I remember when Reva and Josh got married. I remember watching the show when i was little with my mom .

I'll give the questions a shot ?
1. What is Blake first name & how was she conceived? Christine ?
2. Which is the oldest family on the show? The Spauldings .
3. Name all Reva's children & their fathers.
Shane/Josh is the father
Dylan , Billy
Johnathan / Richard
This last one is w/ Jeffery
OH and Mara with Josh

4. Harley's full name. Isnt it Harely Davidson Cooper ?
5. Where was the last place Reva "died"? A plane crash wasnt it ?
6. Which character was a newspaper reporter?Wasnt that Holly ?
7. Who brought Reva to Springfield?
Alan I think ?

Ashlee said...

I watched GL for forever too. Our babysitter got me hooked on it when I was in elementary or middle school, so I also started watching in late 80's. My favorite was Lujack -- you didn't mention him and Alexandra! And then he came back as Nick! I do remember Rick, Phillip, and the girls -- and how frustrating Annie was! Did you remember that the Lizzie that had cancer was Hayden Panettiere from Heroes? I mostly have a terrible memory though and only knew the answer to a couple of your questions. I stopped watching it several years ago and have only seen portions of episodes here and there, so I'm so out of the loop. I may watch a few episodes this week just for old times' sake!

Tammy said...

Ive watched GL since I was 8! Although I havent watched it since the new "reality" type format started, I had a feeling that was going to end the show-so sad.
My ultimate fav was/is Philip, I grew up with grant Show, he was so cute and just what a gal wanted in a boyfriend :)
I envied Beth-ahhhhh.
Ill have to DVR the last week-Ive heard that they are bringing alot of the old cast back :)

Miss Janice said...

I watched Guiding Light several summers...faithfully! Haven't seen it in years though.

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

I'm a recovering soap junkie. I gave them up 8 years ago. Cold turkey.

Even after I gave them up my grandmother would call me and give me Y&R updates. Gave her something to do. She thought I was too busy to watch she felt like she was helping. I loved her take on what was going on.

I am sad for you!

wife.mom.nurse said...

oh my gosh...can hardly believe it.

End of an era!

Mrs4444 said...

I know you won't believe this, but I never watched that one. I did, however, just watch 60 Minutes do a story on the ending. I guess the ratings must have dropped too low?

KriskropMemories said...

I haven't watched this show in years but it was my favorite for sure, shocked that such a long running show is ending, I had no idea.
Although it is only t.v. I can understand how hard it is to lose a show you put so much time into, I remember when Another World was cancelled, it's like losing a part of your day to day routine.

Misty said...

i've never been a GL fan but I loved a show once, that was cancelled. Sometimes I am pretty sure they just don't think...

SarahHub said...

That stinks! I don't watch it myself, but I'm sorry you're losing a show you love so much!

Kathy B! said...

I used to watch this in college and I remember some of those special moments!

Farewell Guiding Light!

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