Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Several Rants & A Rave (but not the party kind)

*Why does Target have Halloween outfits with skull & crossbones in the infant & toddlers GIRL's section? What happened to smiling jack o'lanterns?

*Baby Girl's birthday party is Sunday. Do ya'll think I got anything ready? Noooo. I didn't even get the invitations till Friday. My fault, not Marti's. She's is the third child. And of course, it's a princess party. Do you think ice cream sundaes are too messy for 3-year-olds?

*Why does it take 2 months & tons of red tape to get your child tested for dyslexia? That's what, 8 spelling tests she's barely passing. Not to mention my sanity. People think I'm kidding when they ask me how I'm losing weight & I tell them it's my nerves.

*You have to jump through almost as many hoops to volunteer to coach cheerleading. And now I have to listen to "people" complain about ordering new uniforms. If I hear one more thing about the economy I am going to scream. And if so many people need jobs, why can't I find anybody to work for me? Sorry. I'm a little pissed.

*Anyway, my former mass communications professor has a blog all about her gluten free lifestyle. If you or any of your loved ones are dealing with this, check out Gluten Free in Georgia (& Florida). Tell her I sent you. But don't tell her how bad my writing sounds!

*Oh & it thrills me to no end when people with no children, try to tell me how to control my children. If you can handle it, go right ahead. I'll take a break. I could use a little R&R.

Ya'll have a nice evening.


Laura said...

I've noticed the cross bones and skulls in our Target as well and I'm like what is up with that?! Alise will not be sportin' this design! Even in pink!

Tammy said...

I was just at target and no Halloween stuff yet-we must be slow up north, hehehe.
I hear you on the Volunteering Cheerleading-this year we had to take an online test-which I weasled my way out of (I hate tests.) and get a background check, whew, I passed :)
I always get nervous for those-there was this "Noise" thing in OC Maryland in 2000-nothing much-but I always wonder if it's going to show up.-Tangent!

Its always something when you volunteer for helping the kids isnt it-parents, politics, and hairbows-AHHHH!

Thanks for entering the giveaway!

Foursons said...

I hear ya' with the testing. I'm surprised in a private school that you are having so much trouble though. When you're paying money you'd think things were moving a little quicker.

You're hiring? Can it be a telecommute job? I'm applying if so.

Sandra said...

I am thinking I need to come down there and straighten out a few things and a few people. I don't like my Blog Daughter and grands having any issues - at all. Yes, I love advice from childless people. xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I hope things settle down for you soon. Like you said, you deserve some R & R. I wish I were closer, I would be glad to help you out with the kids. I got one better for you. How about a preschool director trying to tell us how to teach last year and she has NO children herself? What is wrong with that picture? Hang in there, you have had so much going on with your house and now the kids. Just remember, God NEVER gives us more than he thinks we can handle!! Praying for you. I sure hope things settle down for you. Love & blessings from NC!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the dyslexia testing. My friend who is a 1st grade teacher finally found out her 10 year old has dyslexia. They knew she had trouble with reading but no one seemed to understand why. She finally had to go to Children's Hospital in Denver to be tested. It is a hard diagnosis to pinpoint.

Kathy B! said...

Oh, this was a good one! I like your final point the best :)

KK said...

I couldn't agree more about the skull and crossbones--they are kids! There will be plenty of time to go goth when they are teenagers. I also coached cheerleading, but I think my mind has blocked that out.

Advice from childless people makes me CRA-ZEE!

PS--Did you get my message on FB?!

Princess Freckles said...

I am so not down with skulls and cross bones for anyone, let alone little girls! Ew!

Debra said...

I think any mom out there could have written that rant list. You will get no arguments about any of it here!

My 7 yr old has spotted the skull and cross bones & was not happy when I said NO. Who thinks this a good idea? (probably the people you refer to in your last point)

Volunteering - I am convinced the parents are WAY worse than the kids. Good luck - you are a saint to take that on. And I have a whole theory on the jobs/economy thing - but this is your blog, not mine. You would think it would be a breeze to find some good help.

Good luck with your daughter's testing. I hope that happens soon.

Hang in there!!

LuLu said...

Teacherly advice for Sass:
You may have already tried these strategies, but I taught a dyslexic child my first year and these worked for her. Oral spelling tests, pouring sand in an open area and have her spell in the sand, same idea but use shaving cream, and then the one that really worked best for her was to give her three choices per word and she circles the correctly spelled word.
Just some ideas you can suggest to the teacher!!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Um, those skull costumes are for people like me. I would totally buy that if my daughters were that age! ha ha

wife.mom.nurse said...

So sorry you are stretched so thin...but hey thin is good. (just kidding, not at any cost! Take care of you!)

Unknown said...

That post stressed even me out! Good luck with everything.

KT said...

A lady overheard my daughter tell me at Target that she already knew she could not be Jasmine for Halloween because it was not modest enough. The lady looked at me like I was insane. She'll thank me some day when it is not my daughter that her son knocked up.

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