Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only the Semi-Slackers...

Last night, Retro & I went out to eat & the restaurant we went to had run out of food. Seriously. And it was only 7:45.

Apparently, they are closing for a month (new owners) & had a party that was larger than expected.

Luckily, the hostess turned us away at the door. But, we did see 2 different couples that we know, waiting to be served. We gave them the heads up before we left. I can't wait to hear if they ever got their food.

We ate at Longhorn's. And they were out of the dessert we wanted.

Tomorrow, the grandmothers; Sassy; her BFF, Sweetie & I are off to Atlanta.

Our 1st stop will be at the Polo outlet. Our dress code has gotten rather strict this year & that means no sundresses for Sass, which is ALL she wears from like April to October. Seriously. I don't why we can't have uniforms.

Then it's off to Buckhead for Sass's 1 year check-up. I think I'll go ahead & get a estimate on the tummy tuck. We'll be renovating this house next.

But, the highlight of the day will be at our final destination. The America Girl Doll Store & Bistro. Woo-Hoo. The estimate from Dr. Jones may be cheaper.

Originally, Sass was planning to have her birthday party here with all of her little friends. (She starts planning for next year about a month before the current year's party.)

Okay. Here's the problem with that, we live like 2 hours away & I can't imagine going anywhere 2 hours away with more than 2 little girls in my car. And we'd end up having to invite like 10 of them.

Plus, driving to Alpharetta, eating lunch & emptying my wallet, then driving home on a Saturday does not sound like my kind of fun. I already have to go to Disney in September.

So we compromised. We're taking Sweetie with us tomorrow for an early party & have a slumber party on her birthday.

I wonder if Blue Cross & Blue Shield will be covering pot by the end of August.

*Stay tuned for a pretty cool giveaway sometime this week.*


Gracie Beth said...

Have fun in ATL lil sis loved the American Girl place!

Kathy B! said...

We've managed to avoid the allure of AG Place (only because we've never been in the right place at the right time) and my wallet is eternally thankful. I hope you have fun, though, I hear it is WONDERFUL.

Sandra said...

Aaawwwww American Girl Dolls. I have 3 of them in Susan's armoire that is still here! Those are the best times with our little girls!! Gosh, I wish I was in Atlanta tomorrow so we could have a meet up!! Guess I'll have to come to the farm! xoxo

mes petit choux said...

You are hysterical! I love it... If blue cross blue shield covers it than surely United HC will too? Maybe? We have had quite a week, I figure by the end of the summer I will need something...

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I have a feeling Reagan is going to want a birthday party like that one day!
And, I have a feeling that I am going to want a tummy tuck when I am done having kids one day!

Sarah Wyland said...

I just love reading your blog. It's absolutely hilarious!

Have fun at the American Girl store - my little sister never got into dolls, she's more of the softball and art supplies type, but I LOVED the American Girl stuff when I was younger. Still do if I'm truthful, haha. The little girl I babysit has recently discovered American Girl so I now have an excuse to relive a part of my childhood, haha.

Unknown said...

I have a hard time sitting in the car with Husby for two hours, let alone a group of little girls. I hate when restaurants run out of the dessert I wanted.

Poolside with the Girls said...

My girls are 8 & 10 and they still play with their American Girl Dolls. It's funny because they don't seem to care about any other kind of doll. All of ours need a trip to the hospital. The girls play hard. These are not fit for display.

And I happen to agree with you, uniforms rock.

Have a great trip!!!

Helene said...

I've never heard of a restaurant running out of food...how random is that?? And then the place you went to had no dessert?? WTH? Now that's just downright evil.

The b-day plans sounds great....yeah I think you'll need a huge prescription by the end of the summer!!

Oh I just realized I forgot to answer your e-mail!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Hope you had fun at the American Girl store. We have one under an hour away, can't wait to take Goose....

wife.mom.nurse said...

We love the AG store! Hope you had a great day of shopping and Dr. visit. How was that tummy tuck preop?

amy said...

With two boys, I'm thinking my experiences with AG will be limited. I do foresee many camo themed parties though. Just had an idea... I may now have a reason to copy Steel Magnolias and have a bleeding armadillo cake! I'm oddly excited about this.

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