Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

I've got some really random thoughts is week. Ya'll better hold on.

**I am a Q-tips snob. I love Q-tips, or cotton swabs rather, but I will only use Q-Tips brand.
If the Dollar General does not have them, go somewhere else.
I'm weird like that. Maybe they should let me do a commercial.

**Speaking of commercials, let me just say that there are two commercials on TV right now that I can not stand. Sonic & Subway. I don't like ANY of the Sonic commercials with that irritating man in the car. He grates on my nerves. And Subway, please, the rapping? white girl with all the tattoos does not make me want to run out & get a $5 foot long. Vomit, maybe. Where's Jarrod?

**I love Jennifer Aniston. I have been Team Jen since the whole home wrecker debacle. But I have to say...I'm not that into this

Bradley Cooper just doesn't do anything for me. But whatever makes her happy. I'm still hoping she & Vince Vaughn get back together...

**Does anyone know how I got BACK ON Enfamil's mailing list? Baby Girl is not a picky eater, but I don't think she'll go for formula. *I do have 2 pregnant friends that I can pass this along to.*

**Have ya'll read about this?

Apparently, the new stress reliever for Mommy's is smoking pot. Okay. It worked in college, right?

Some doctors are even approving of this & they will write you a note not a prescription, a note.

Please allow Semi-Slacker Mom to smoke pot,
because the Wellbutrin & the cocktails aren't working.

But the catch is, you have to buy it from the dealer yourself. I wonder if they're listed in the phone book?

I think I'll wait till in comes out in pill form.

**Then again, I do feel some extra stress coming on. We are having some housekeeper issues, some Disney trip issues & Kenny & Shawn (our builders on retainer) are coming Monday to start on some home renovations. But that is a story for another day.

**No earrings yet, but I'm thinking at the doctor's office after her 8 year check-up. 8 years. Hard to believe.

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Claudya Martinez said...

Hmm, I was really stressed when I was pregnant no one offered me any weed unless you count the guy on Haight Street that whispered, "green bud" as I walked past.

Mom of Three said...

your too funny! My husband is a q-tip snob himself and always freaks out when I buy the store brand... he cleans his ears like 3 times a day or something crazy...

Now enquiring minds want to know... will my insurance pay for all these dime bags I am going to need???

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I like Q-tips too and only the name brand. I am a nut about having clean ears. Can't stand my ears to be dirty! Hope things work out for your Disney trip. Wish I was closer to help with the kids. As always, I get a chuckle out of your Friday fragments! Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Mrs4444 said...

I m a Q-Tip fanatic also. Mr.4444 once told a guy he needed to use them, and he showed him how. He said he almost puked when the guy pulled what looked like PEANUT BUTTER out of his ear and exclaimed, "Wow. I can totally hear now." Sorry if that makes you nauseous, but I'm told weed helps with that.

Jessica said...

wow i posted about weed too. must be in the air lol!

Gracie Beth said...

My grandpa will not eat at sonic because he believes the men in the commercials are gay...no joke so he sent out an email asking the family to boycott sonic.

Sarah Wyland said...

Oh, Jen and Bradley! I'm a Jen fan, not so much a Jen and Bradley fan however. And definitely not a fan of Star mag. Take any and everything they and any other tabloid that's not People (maybe take People with a very, very, very tiny grain of salt - they do screw up from time to time) with a grain of salt!

Anonymous said...

How would one go about asking their doctor about getting pot?! I mean I do live in Vancouver Canada but I am pretty sure she will look at me pretty weird. haha

wife.mom.nurse said...

Where to even start...

Smoking a doobie...hmmm, not you?!

We held out on the piercing until...10. What happened to 13?

Bradley Cooper sucks...seems like a wifebeater kind of guy!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I didn't know about Jen's new fling. It's sad watching her bounce around at 40. In Hollywood girls bounce from famous person to famous person in their 20s, not 40s. Poor Jen.

The pot thing is funny. It make sense, though. LOL.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Apparently I'm a Q-Tip snob, too...I can't stand the generic brands, the cotton at the ends just seems to frazzle off way to easily... ;)

I big puffy heart Jen, too - didn't know about her newest flame...I hope she finds someone awesome that won't turn out to be a putz like Brad did.

LOL on the pot smoking tidbit - I wonder if the insurance companies will get on board with that? ;)

We had Princess Nagger's ears pierced when she was 4 - I wanted to have it done sooner, because for some reason people would mistake her for a boy (even when she was all decked out in pink girlie stuff). :) I figured we'd get it out of the way sooner, because my parents always said "NO!" and I had to wait until I was 18. Clip-on earrings always hurt (and really, do they make them anymore or are they just the granny ones?) ;)

Happy FF a day late! :)

jenniedub said...

Oh those Sonic commercials drive me nuts...and this cherry limeade ice cream thing? Yuckness. The regular just ice and limeade might be okay...I think I have eaten there like twice. And they even closed two near me recently....wonder why??!!!

Oh go for the earrings....I got mine when I "graduated" from kindergarten. I was the only one. My friends were so jealous...and then I even had a friend whose mom wouldn't let her until she started her period! Can you believe that?

Helene said...

I love your random posts! The whole pot smoking theory is interesting. There are days too where I don't think the Wellbutrin is doing much for me....but you know with pot, we'll end up gaining weight. Remember the munchies? I guess it's a toss up....depressed and stressed out vs cool, calm, collected and fat.

Bella keeps going back and forth on the earring issue. I'm in no hurry!!

Laura said...

Okay, we are at t-total different spectrums when it comes to men for Jen! I think Cooper Bradley or Bradley Cooper (whatever his name is - doesn't matter) is HOT and I can't stand Vince Vaughn. He's too vulgar and obnoxious for me.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I know some people who could use some pot-smoking. If I were a dr. I'd prescribe it for them!
I freaking HATE those Sonic commercials! They are not funny. At all.

Under this Umbrella said...

Love the Friday Fragments section. I truly can't believe that I am just finding your blog. I swear we are twins and would be friends in "real life."

I DEPLORE the sonic commercials and change the channel whenever they appear.

You can't buy generic Q tips. My husband used to argue with about this, but has finally seen the light.

I totally agree about the Jen and Vince Vaughn thing. I don't see her and Bradley Cooper working out, but I do find him to be divine.

Have a great day!

Domestic Diva said...

Still looking to replace my house keeper. She now does hair and we BEGGED her with $$$$ to come do a whole day of cleaning. What a treat!! TEAM JENNIFER..love VInce too!! I got the damm flu from Disney and can't believe we are going back in October.
xxxx me

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