Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments

Crazy week, just the start of a crazy month! Swim lessons. 45 kids at 1st Wonderful Wednesday (last year's max. was 20).

*Do ya'll ever go into a room to do something & when you get there, you forgot what you are there for & as soon as you leave & start doing something else, you remember what it was?

*Sassy's friend, Abney, spent the night Wednesday night. On the way to the Mexican restaurant we were talking about how Sass likes to wear headbands. Abney volunteered this little tidbit. "My momma doesn't like me to wear headbands. She says they make me look trampy."

*Remember the goat from last week? When the guy asked Sass what her daddy would say if she brought home a goat, she said "probably the D-word!" Now that's Bo's favorite thing to say, fortunately he thinks "Don's the D-word".

*Bo & Baby Girl started swimming lessons at the club this week. It took about 15 minutes to talk Bo into getting into the "big pool". Now I can't get him out! But my little daredevil, BG, still is not too thrilled about the big pool. She prefers the baby pool.

*Sunday Phillip (SIL's bf) & I took the kids swimming. Well, Bo & BG just played on the steps. On the way back home, Bo & Phillip were talking about this being Phillip's 1st time going with us & how he will have to go again. Phillip asked "Next time, are you going to swim with me?" Bo's reply, "I think...not."

*Another one of Bo's favorite sayings is, "See. I told you!" After he validates anything he says. He thinks he's Mr. Know-it-all.

*And Baby Girl just likes to say "Oh dosh!" & the real d-word (luckily under her breath most of the time!). I'm afraid she's going to be the one that turns my blond hair gray.

*Ya'll know how word spreads in a small town. Last week, the lady that used to own the local B&B brought Baby Girl this t-shirt. It's clearly a boy's shirt, but I do let her sleep in it.

*I found a babysitter for the beach!!! So maybe I won't need that prescription for Xanax.


*I'm getting one step closer to the 21st century. I got a DVR yesterday. Thank you to my antique Dish Network box for finally dying. RIP

*Retro started talking, this morning, about maybe taking the children back to Disney World after peach season. We'll take some help with us or you can just shoot me now!

Have a fabulous summer weekend! Now check out these other fragments.


KK said...

I am nosey enough to want to know about your removed diamonds post--did you let her get her ears pierced?!!!

Unknown said...

I always forget what I'm doing.

I never realized headbands were trampy. And here I thought they were wholesome.

I used to love teaching little ones to swim! So much fun.

I couldn't live without my DVR. That reminds me, I have some RHNJ to watch...

Domestic Diva said...

The shirt is cute. I am always feeling a little loopy. I think it comes with bring a SAHM -as we are always on. It is the type of job that you are always working and the mind gets a little over-worked. We just booked another trip to Disney this summer and I am asking myself... what did I sign up for. FUN CRAZY...can't wait. A little Toddy helps.
Have a smashing weekend!
xxx me

LuLu said...

I'm cracking up at all of these!!! I ALWAYS do the first thing-forget what I'm doing...ugh!! I blame it on my students:) Have fun at Disney...I think I'll have to hire SuperNanny to take my kids (when I have them)...its my nemesis...sad I know!

Sandra said...

First round of swimming lessons with my Baby Girl ended up in my letting her quit. When she awoke having nightmares about it, I figured it was time to give in on that one. Never regretted it!! Crazy memories!! xoxo

katie lake said...

I thought it was always the cute nerdy girls who wore headbands...(I have a huge collection, especially j crew headbands). I'm the Baby Girl in my family and my brothers claim I was the one who caused daddy to go gray. I think daddy was just terrified when raising a daughter haha

Bamawhitney said...

wait headbands are trashy now?

SarahHub said...

I didn't know headbands made you trampy! I need to re-think my hair situation!

Jessica Ryan said...

babysitter on the beach and xanax is a match made in heaven... then you can truly relax and read a good beachy book!!!!

Gracie Beth said...

If her mother truly thinks headbands are trampy then that woman has no class! I love that baby girl looks very pleased to be in that tee shirt!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I always forget what I have walked into a room to get, and I usually don't remember until some time in the middle of the night. Or I'll think of something I need to look up on the computer, but by the time I get to the computer, I have no idea what I was going to look for. Or I'll phone my husband to ask him something and by the time he answers, I'll have forgotten why I phoned. Is this normal?! I think so!

Mary Ellen said...

I'm always looking for good ways to distinguish the trampy girls...now I have another one!

Helene said...

I love your Friday Fragments posts!! They always make me laugh!!

I about died over what your daughter's friend said about headbands! I'm sure there was an awkward silence after that comment.

And the whole thing about forgetting and then remembering? I do that at least 4 times a day.

Laura said...

I just love your Friday Fragments! I feel so "caught up!" From ear piercing to trampy head bands! It all cracks me up!

Sarah Wyland said...

You will adore that DVR! It's God's little gift to technology.

wife.mom.nurse said...

Loved this Friday Fragments post...lovin the trampy hair band comment~!


Mrs4444 said...

Oh, Dosh! You forgot to link up last week, SSM! Glad I wandered over tonight :)

You are going to love your DVR!! But be careful; it's kind of like a Reader; it'll get filled up in no time. At least you'll be able to fast-forward through the commercials :)

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