Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments & Farewell

I'm leaving on our annual relocation to the beach on Sunday & haven't packed a thing! I know ya'll didn't I was going to stop blogging!

I call our beach trip a relocation because you know as good as I do, a week in a beach house with 3 children is not really a vacation, at least not for the momma!

Baby Girl & I are having some issues. I've said before that she asks a million questions, well now she is adding Momma before & after her question. For example, Momma, we going to the beach, Momma. We coming back for Daddy's birthday, Momma? Les or no, Momma? Momma? LES or NO, Momma. Les ma'am, Momma. Momma, we going to the beach, momma? She makes me tired just listening to her.

This will probably be my last real post for a week. I may or may not be able to blog. And I'll have to catch up with everybody when I get home! I have scheduled a few posts for ya'll to enjoy.

Now, let me RANT about this HEAT. 100 degrees is a little ridiculous! I'm hosting a couples baby shower on Saturday night & yes, that would be the night before we leave for the beach. I had planned to have this little shindig outside (like the last party we had) but since it's going to be so freakin' hot, I know everyone is going to make their way into the house. Maybe we will have a little game, "Can you pack clothes for 4 people into 1 suitcase?" or a puzzle "Load the Wayback!"

Have ya'll heard about the Toll House recall? Of course, I had just bought some break & bake yesterday & of course, Retro freaked & made me take it back to the store. The recall was, DUH, don't eat raw cookie dough. Some goobers ate the dough & got E.coli. I have had E.coli (from a UTI-now that's a story) & it ain't fun! I seriously thought I was going to die. It makes giving birth seem like fun! Anyway, moral of the story is don't eat raw cookie dough.

My children are very impressed with their tans. "We got white swimsoups."

My children are also obsessed with their birthdays. I am not lying when I say that they talk about this ALL year long! During one of these discussions, Bo informed me that 'kids aren't allowed to get shirts for their birthday'. This leads me to the story of during one of my brother's birthdays (he was probably about Bo's age & his bday is 2 days after Christmas) he got some clothes. They were probably from my grandparents. It was like 2 gifts back to back - clothes. Anyway, he went ballistic! And threw a massive fit! My poor mother was so embarrassed. It's been a family joke ever since. So, if you are reading this & get invited to Bo's birthday in DECEMBER, don't get him any shirts!

Okay so that's all I got for this week. But I'm sure I will acquire loads of fragments at the beach!!

Have a great week!

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annies home said...

I was a bit short this week as well but I am sure I will get plenty for the next time as I will be gone at camp

Laura said...

I am SO MAD at my hubby right now that I hope he eats a WHOLE bucket of raw cookie dough!!! He loves it, btw. When we go to TCBY - where he proposed - he gets cookie dough topping on his waffle cone.

I SO totally understand the whole "Momma" thing! It drives me NUTS and A is 4!! She also has a thing about holding my pinkie ALL THE TIME!! What is up with that?

Anyway, guess I should done my own Friday Fragment post!

Have fun at the beach!!

Sandra said...

Oh have fun!! You are gonna be so, so busy before you even get to leave!! Hope you have a great party!! A week at the beach - aaah heaven. Do you take a babysitter with you?? Does Retro go with y'all? Well, I guess that's enough questions. And I know how you're feeling about questions, Momma ;-) xoxo

Jessica Ryan said...

We are going through the Mamma Mamma Mamma phase too and yes it sucks! Have a great time on your Relocation!!!

Jake & Hope said...

Wish I were going to the beach. Supposed to go last week, but it didn't happen. I set the blog to private, so let me know if you want access to read it.

katie lake said...

Have fun at the beach!!

Helene said...

I can't believe how much our kids are alike!! Cole and Bella talk about their b-day non-stop. "We'll be 5 on our next b-day, right", "Can we have a jumper house at our next party?", "Where are we gonna have our b-day party?", "How much longer until our b-day?"...ugh!!!

I still laugh about your kids using an "L" in place of the "U". The other day Cole kept telling me he had to lose a towel and I was like "you what? You LOST a towel?" and he kept saying "No, I need to lose a towel". I finally figured out he was saying "use" a towel.

Have fun at your beach relocation!!!! You are so right when you say it's not a vacation...it's a working vacation, right?

kel said...

swimsoups!!! ha!

Mrs4444 said...

I smiled right through these :) I love the "swimsoups" and the "les or no?" Absolutely precious. Have fun at the beach! I'm sure you'll get plenty of blog fodder there.

Gracie Beth said...

Have fun at the beach we shall miss you!

Jill said...

Have a great trip....and I so understand the "relocation" thing.

Unknown said...

You kids are too damn funny. I can't wait to hear the fragments after a week at the beach!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I so remember those days of going to the beach with young children. We took half the house with us. Actually we would take 2 cars for 4 people and they were packed to the top!!! You are right, it is not much of a vacation for Mom, but enjoy it as much as you can. I hope you have nice weather. I will look forward to hearing about your beach adventures when you get home. Praying for travel mercies for your family as you go to and from the beach. Love & blessings from NC!

Michelle said...

Have a great trip!

wife.mom.nurse said...

100 degrees...yikes, hope the party went well and that at least the beach is cool!!

Love your tiny girl...she makes for some great blog fodder. I'm telling you, she just sounds delightful, and a bit tiring :)

My kids talk about their birthdays all year long too! Planning, planning, planning...me "we'll see"ing . I really do not remember talking about my b-day like that when I was little...could it be my kids are spoiled?! :) yep~

Will look forward to hearing all about your time at the beach!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Reagan is obsessed with her tan as well. So obsessed and impressed, that she will pull down her pants for just about anyone and say, "Look at my tanlines!"

Dear Lord help me... she's showing signs of becoming a stripper!

Hope you have a great time at the beach and that you get the chance to relax a little.

Oh, and you should just tell Baby girl that you've changed your name!

Stesha said...

Does this mean I need to stop eating raw cookie dough? I eat it all the time. Because I like it.

Have a wonderful trip to the beach!

Hugs and Mocha,

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I'm dying laughing at the LES OR NO, MAMA?? Too cute.
It is crazy hot here too. I love summer but this is ridiculous!
Hope y'all have a good 'relocation'!

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