Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Surprise!

Okay, I know I told ya'll I was having Couples Bunko on Saturday night. That was a lie. We were really having a surprise birthday party for my BFF's hubby. And he reads my blog so...

He was totally surprised! I mean we thought for sure he would know what was going on as soon as he saw the big tents in my front yard, but he asked Dre if we were playing Bunko outside!! I don't think he figured it was all for him until we said Surprise!

And with the exception of a small rain delay, thankfully everything DID go smoothly. No drama!Dre, Beck & I had everything set-up before the rain, so all Beck & I had to do after was dry everything off & decorate! And for the most part, Dre's dad was in charge of the food table.

My friends & I are very theme-oriented people! All elements of our parties, from the invitations, to the decorations & food (& sometimes even our outfits) carry out our chosen theme. This party was no different.

This party's theme was Boots, BBQ & Beer. So we had BBQ, ribs & chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, hash brown casserole, chips & pickles! The food table...

On the appetizer table, we had Redneck Caviar with Scoops, dry-roasted peanuts, beef jerky & M&Ms. And of course we had sweet tea, beer & Boone's! (We also had real wine too!)

Don't you love the cakes? My SIL made them & Dre's mom made homemade brownies!
Oh & the color scheme was red & black. Coincidence? No way. Go DAWGS!

Here's a shot of the birthday boy & his family getting ready to blow out those candles! How cute are they? The children left with Nana shortly after.

Mingling on the porch, waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

That would be me rockin' some cowboy boots & a cowboy hat! Themed outfit, of course! I should have taken a before & after picture of my hair! Before it was curly & cute, after 5 minutes in post-rain humidity it was straight as a stick & not too cute.


Can you tell I'd had a few cocktails at this point? Good picture of Retsie though.
More mingling. Remember this is the closest thing to a scrapbook I've got going on!

This was the musical entertainment. Isn't he a cutie? He's the Asst. Pro at the Club & a recent Auburn grad, but we won't hold that against him.

And since my friends LOVE (read with sarcasm) for me to put their pictures on my blog, here's a few for your viewing pleasure.
Semi-Slacker Mom & 2 of her oldest friends

Bunko Babes & Booze,
which may or may not include Boone's, beer & Pink Panty Pull-Downs!
While the girls enjoyed some singing along with Grey & a little reminiscing, the guys enjoyed playing Retro's new favorite game, Corn Hole. Obviously Mr. Tommy Bahama doesn't share my affection of themed outfits. And finally, in honor of Not Me Monday, I DID NOT have one too many cocktails & decide to decorate the birthday boy with Redi-Whip!

Nor did I have my favorite pair of "vintage" J.Crew jeans made into a skirt to wear to the party!

The children were spending the night with Babsy & Poppa & ya'll know I deserved to have one too many cocktails! I haven't had that much fun in quite a while!!!

Happy Birthday John & thanks for turning 30!
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Sandra said...

You know how to give a party Semi!! And that food table! Looks like it was professionally catered. I bet you and Retro are the most popular couple in your Bulldog Lovin' Town. Go Vols!! xoxo ;-)

Gracie Beth said...

Looks like you know how to throw a party! I love the skirt and boots paired together. However,all of that red and black is killing me ;P

Bamawhitney said...

Ohhhh, I so want to be your neighbor!!!! I love theme parties and LOVE your outfit!!! Everything looked great!

Unknown said...

What an amazing party!

Mom of Three said...

cornhole freaking rocks! What a fun bday!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

That looks like sooooo much fun!!!!

Laura said...

I think you pulled off an amazing party! I'm still staring at all the food pics just drooling and those cakes are awesome! We may have to get together for the Bama v. Georgia game this year! Roll Tide!

KK said...

WOW--will you throw my next bday party?!

Sherrie said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun, and I agree...you sure know how to throw a party, don't you? :)

Domestic Diva said...

That looks like a fabulous party!!!
Have a fantastic day.
xxxxx me

TonyaB said...

My SIL has the coolest friends!!! Looks like a fun party. I need to know more about Pink Panty Pull-Downs--please share!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Wow! That's some party! I love theme parties, too. I don't think I have ever entertained on your awesome level though.

Princess Freckles said...

I LOVE the theme! The party looks like a ton of fun, and you def deserved it! :)

kimert said...

Those cakes are awesome!!! Looks like you enjoyed yourself. :)

Mags said...

You know how to throw a great party!!!

Couples bunko, though...that cracked me up. BTW, I received the Bunko Babes book on Tuesday, along with a nice note from the author, as well as dice bookmark and pendant! I'm looking forward to reading it and posting my review. Thanks, again!

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