Saturday, May 2, 2009

Parenthood for Me

I have recently found out about a wonderful non-profit organization aimed at providing emotional & financial help, as well as educational tools for those starting families through adoption & medical intervention.

We were one of those families.

Before I got pregnant with Sassy, I was diagnosed with Amenorrhoea . This basically means that I didn't ovulate, therefore I required medical intervention in order to get pregnant. With Sass, I took Progestron for a while then Clomid, both prescribed by my OB/GYN. After nothing happening, Dr. H suggested we may need to try a little help.

Two weeks before my scheduled appointment, I got sick. I called Dr. H's office for some meds & Felicia (my favorite nurse) told me to take a pregnancy test. I tried to explain about my appointment, but she said she knew all that & insisted I take the test. I did. And 2 more. During all this, my grandmother came over to "check on me". When she found out about the results, my then 77 year old Granny literally jumped off the ground she was so excited!

My plan was to have 3 children, each 2 years apart, so eighteen months later, we decided to try for another. And after 6 months of trying, with the assistance of the above mentioned meds, we made another appointment. This time we went. Retro was kind of uneasy about the "man room", but I think it turned out to be his favorite part. I went through 2 IUIs, 1 ectopic pregnancy, a D&C & even a bout of E coli (NOT FUN!) with the wonderful staff at CGFI.

Three years & 4 months later, we were blessed with a sweet baby boy. A little over my 2 year plan, but we'll take it!

Being the ever planner, I scheduled yet another appointment with CGFI in January of 2006- a month after Bo's 1st birthday. My appointment was sometime is February. On my first visit, Pam drew blood to check my HCG & whatever else. She came back in with the results...

I was PREGNANT! You could have pushed me over with a feather. After an ultrasound to rule out another ectopic, they sent me home.

My experience with infertility was mild compared to that of 3 of my oldest & dearest friends, who each got pregnant with their bundles of joy through IVF.

My BF, Helene has been sharing her story on her blog, I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor.

As your reading about how my 3 "blessings" keep me on my toes each day, please check out Parenthood for Me to find out how you can help those struggling to have "blessings" of their own.


Sandra said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't know. This is so inspiring!! I didn't realize my grands were miracle babies; I knew they were perfect, but didn't know about this!! xoxoxo

Mom of Three said...

I had a miscarriage, then couldn't get pregnant for year, (had a nervous breakdown about it and just knew I wouldn't ever have kids) went on Clomid, and after the first month I got pregnant with Laura. Then, laughed at the doc when he talked about birth control at my 6 week postpartum visit, so guess who got knocked up when she had a 3 month old? Then even with birthcontrol we get pregnant again before Rachel turns one. Guess my fertily issues corrected it self!

Laura said...

I enjoyed your story and I'm curious regarding your ectopic pregnancy. I was diagnosed with one, also, three months before I got pregnant with Alise. Just wondering how your story diffs from mine.

KK said...

Ever wonder why The Sistas are almost 8 years apart? Yep, I struggled with infertility too. It really seems to be so common know. I wonder why that is?

Kathy B! said...

I love Helene! Thanks for shedding some light on infertility. It does seem like so many women suffer from it these days...

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