Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

If this is your second time trying to read this, thank Baby Girl for posting before I was finished.
And an end of the week wrap-up...

Since, all outdoor activities for Memorial Day weekend, including the pool party at the club, were rained/yucky weathered out I had the pleasure of entertaining my children inside all weekend.

After drinking heavily I let the children made & decorate cupcakes by themselves! Under my supervision, of course. And amazingly, my kitchen suffered minimal damage.

We had movie night, in my room. This may have to be my Christmas card picture, because my children actually look like they like each other! BTW, I hate popcorn!

In between showers, Aunt Crissy & Phillip went with us to pick strawberries. Of course, it rained while we were there. Which is the excuse I will be using as to why my children look like they are homeless.

See? From the looks of this picture, Baby Girl may be counting points in her future!

In addition to the strawberries & ice cream, we almost came home with one of these!

And, if I see the first snake in my yard this summer, we will be coming home with FIVE of these!!!

If you are a loyal reader, you know that the one thing the Semi-Slackers are NOT slack in is accidental injuries. This time it was my turn.

The other night, I was talking on the phone to the Dish Network chic trying to fix my stupid TV, I go to sit in my computer chair (which I was sitting it not 5 minutes earlier) & the chair part totally breaks off from the metal stand part! So, needless to say I busted my booty. and my head. and my elbow. and apparently half of the underside of my right arm, seeing as I have a ginormous bruise from my arm pit halfway to my elbow (which has a huge goose egg on it)! Good times!

Did you remember I was talking on the phone to the DN chic? So I'm sure I hollered after I fell into the bookshelf & Retro hollered, "Baby, You're gonna kill yourself!" After a few seconds, the chic asked "what happened?" I explained as she made a note on our account next to "top customer" - Crazy woman with fat @#$!

I'm sure that's not the only note on our account.
Field Day at Sass's school was this week & I was so proud of Sassy. She made it to the 2nd round in the hula-hoop contest!

She did not acquire this skill from her mother, because these hips were no good for birthing babies & they are certainly no good from hula-hooping!
Today was the last day of school for Sass. Finally...PTL!

My favorite thing about summer will be no homework! And I'm not even in school! I'll tell you what, I'd pay that school extra if I didn't have to deal with that. Now all we have to contend with is the summer reading list. Woo-hoo.

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Unknown said...

Such fun! Love the picture of the three of them with their cupcakes!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I like your Christmas pic. Sorry to hear you got hurt. At least the dish lady couldn't see you!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pretty Personal Gifts said...

What is the critter in the photo? It catches snakes?

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I have soooo missed coming by here- its just been forever since I feel like I have been on and blogged! This was great! I rolled over the cupcake making- you had to have had something in ya to let that happen-LOL! Loved catching up and looking at the pics! I am really rolling over the above comment about the baby kid goat and if it catches snakes!

Jessica Ryan said...

kinda sorta howling over the chair mishap... not that I am laughing at your injuries by any means... just in a comedy kind of a way!

And OMGosh... that is the largest frosing container I have ever seen!

Gracie Beth said...

It looks like baby girl is decorating herself more than the cupcakes! Also you may want to get your elbow xrayed because I fell onto mine and thought it was fine...when really it was broken I did not believe the doc when she told me!

Sarah Wyland said...

Sounds like a great week! I went strawberry picking yesterday! Well, I rummaged through the very small patch at my dad's house but I came out with a good half gallon of fresh, organically grown strawberries!

Sandra said...

Tell me what they have to read this summer. I may or may not think summer reading is absurd for children your ages. May or may not. We'll see. I was in Atlanta. Are you on the other side from me {Tennessee} or on the way to Atlanta? We need to have a meet up. Send me the 411 on your location - sounds like police talk, right? hehe xoxo

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my goodness, great list. What does your shirt say in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Really cute blog. Hilarious comment about your daughter counting points in the future. LMAO. Love it!

Mrs4444 said...

You are so funny. I'm glad I started my day with this post, because it put a smile on my face (not all of it was because you hurt yourself, and sorry about that.)

Here's hoping this weekend is spent OUTdoors! :)

Unknown said...

What a busy weekend! Sounds like you guys had alot of fun though. I used to love sleepovers in Mom's room! Hope your booty's feeling better too :)

Domestic Diva said...

Ok- I live for your posts! It amazing how similar we are!
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening!!
Thanks for all you moment that you share..they are priceless!!
xxx me

Jessica Ryan said...

You have been tagged... come check it out!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Isn't it amazing when you get when of those massive bruises when you're all growed up! No mommy to kiss your boo boo...sucks! I do hope you will feel better soon.

The strawberry pickin' looks awesome. I want some icecream, but I'm counting point! Thanks for reminding me!


Have a wonderful weekend.


SarahHub said...

Sounds like a fun start to summertime - although I hope you're able to spend more of it outside!

Sherrie said...

I left you an award here:


Bamawhitney said...

Great post! I tagged you over on my blog this week!

Helene said...

The pic of the 3 of them laying in bed together would make a cute Christmas photo (and considering that may be the last time they look like they actually like each other for the rest of the year, I think it's even better idea).

I was just telling my husband this wkend that I want to take the kids to pick strawberries! I think they'd have so much fun!

That injury sounds horrible....I could easily see that happening to me too...don't feel bad!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

OMG, I LOVE goats and that baby goat is the cutest thing EVER! I'd have definitely taken him home with me. Hey kids, look at our new DOG!! ha ha

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