Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Details, details...

Miss me?

I hope ya'll had a great Mother's Day because, aside from the gifts & good food, mine was not the best.

I did get breakfast in bed. Sassy made me a bowl of cereal. And all the children remembered on their own to tell me Happy Mother's Day.

But apparently I did something Saturday to aggravate my back injury, because I woke up in more pain than usual. The more I did the worse it got. Somebody obviously forgot to tell my back it was Mother's Day & I had things to do.

I have learned to "stuck it up" when my back hurts, so I decided to dress the children in our matching seersucker outfits. Everybody got dressed & I go to get Baby Girl's outfit. On the hanger, I see the top but no bloomers. Great. So I search high & low to no avail. Tasha's a great cleaner, but doesn't take the time to put things where they belong.

So Baby Girl's out of the match game. Then Bo decided to spill milk all over his outfit. Therefore, just Sassy & I wore our matching sundresses to church. Needless to say, we were late for Sunday School.

Pastor J had the brilliant idea to let the children stay in the service, instead of going to children's church. Because it was Mother's Day. Gee thanks. Let's just say, trying to keep Bo & Sass still & quiet for an hour didn't help my back much. And as the day progressed, my pain level when uphill & the children's behavior went downhill.

Rest & relaxation is not an option at the Semi-Slacker house. We had dinner at Gammi Sandy's (Tenderloin) & supper at Babsy's (steak). Bo-Bo had cheerios. both times. Does anyone know the nutritional value of Cheerios?

By the time I got home I was feeling sick. Pain does that to me, sometimes.

Woke up Monday morning still feeling bad. Took 2 of the new pain meds. Last time, they worked. This time notsomuch. And I still felt sick. Swine flu?

Semi-Slacker household + sick mommy = mass chaos. Bo is still wearing the same shirt he wore Sunday. That's 3 days & 2 nights, but who's counting. Semi-?

So I'll be saying no to those drugs from now on.

What stinks the most is that I have a busy week & I've lost a whole day. I've got a party this weekend & Tasha didn't come yesterday or today!! Plus, I'm planning Sass's End of the Year Swim Party! Plus, studying for her spelling final & finishing her required reading. My favorite thing about the summer will be no homework!

On a more positive note, I know ya'll want to know about our anniversary so here's the details.

We had dinner at Marco's & I was able to wear my new dress. No necklace. When Oprah visited our area, she ate there. It was yummy. I had the lobster tail, shrimp & scallops with asparagus & whipped potatoes. Lemon Creme Brulee for dessert.

This is what I got for our anniversary. He went to Herbert's. Or rather he called the owner's daughter, had her pick out something, wrap it & he picked it up at her house. Thanks Jana! I don't know what he'd do without you.

To make up for this whiny post, I thinking about hosting another fun & EASY swap!! After my busy week that is.


Bamagirl in AZ said...

those seersucker outfits are darling! sorry your back is bothering you! very pretty necklace!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I hope your back get better soon! I know how hard it is to function with pain. Glad you had a nice anniversary. Sassy dress!

Gracie Beth said...

I hope you feel better! It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!

Laura said...

I'm lovin' the necklace and I SO hope you are feeling better soon!!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon. Loved your necklace...Jana did good.

Anonymous said...

I told Rhett that if you didn't like it, HE had to take all the blame that I didn't want you talking smack about me on your blog! Hope you like it! I think it's really pretty! Happy anniversary. And hope you get better!

Sandra said...

Semi - I could've come and been your nanny! You should call me. And don't you just love small town jewelers! My husband always depended on this one jewelry store in our small town. One time he got there on Saturday morning before they opened and left them a NOTE on the door describing what he wanted. HILARIOUS!! But he was on his way to the golf course, so nothing could get in the way! haha xoxo P.S. Is everything okay with Gator Mom??

jenniedub said...

Hope your weeks gets better and you feel better soon. Not a good way to start Mother's Day!

Imjustagirl said...

Hope your feelimg better!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Sorry about your back. Your MD sounds like my Easter. So sorry! Love the necklace though!
Hope you feel better soon. As I always say, "What in the heck happened to my Norman Rockwell (fill in holiday...Christmas, Easter, Mother's day, you name it)?? Sometimes, it just doesn't work out like we plan. Feel better!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your back! I used to work at an orthopaedic office/have insane knee problems and was going to see if you've heard of topical NSAIDs. They make pain/inflammation relief in a gel/cream that is basically a stronger Advil/Tylenol but doesn't upset stomachs. A good friend of mine can't take ANYTHING without getting ill and she was also able to use these. Might look into it.

Feel better!

Sherrie said...

Hope your back is better by now or is soon. Good luck with all of the end-of-the year "goodness" that you have to do for school.

Glad you all had a wonderful anniversary. We've never been to Marco's, but I have friends who LOVE it. I need to make Brian take me...but we rarely venture to Macon to eat, and if we do...it's Mikata's (my fav).

Mom of Three said...

hope your back gets better soon and can't wait to hear about your swap!

Mrs4444 said...

Poor thing! I really hope your back is much better tomorrow.

Helene said...

Ooooh, sorry to hear about your back but that gift looks like it might have brought a smile to your face, throughout all the pain!!!

I hope you'll participate in the We Heart Art carnival I have going on on my blog right now!! I have a Mr Linky up on Wed and Thurs so come check it out! The prizes are fantastic!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh no that just sounds horrible! Glad to hear you are feeling better, but don't over-do it or you might end up back in bed.

wife.mom.nurse said...

Oh, miss semi-slacker! I am so sorry to hear this!

Back pain, the worst, rule your world when it hangs out!

feel better!!!

What the... what could that pastor have been thinking? oh yeah, sounds like man thinking ")

Glad your M-day was somewhat salvaged.

saying a little prayer...


Domestic Diva said...

Oh my!! I so hope you are feeling better. Take it easy and enjoy the day!!
xxxxx me

Unknown said...

To help you feel better quicker, left you a little something on my blog :)

KK said...

I am so glad you had a nice anniversary and sorry about your back--hubby has a bad back and it stinks!

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