Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

For more FRIDAY FRAGMENTS check out Half-Past Kissin' Time.

Here's just a sampling of the things I've thought & things I've heard this week.
*You know you need to get your hair colored, when your 4-year old son tells you that your blond hair is turning black. My reply: "It's not black, smarty pants, its dirty blond."

*Baby Girl had a spot on her face, like chapped skin or windburn. I said let me see what's on your face. She told me it was freckles.

*The other day, after I dropped off my Bunko Secret Pal stuff, Baby Girl asks me "Where's your secrepal?" (referring to the gift) I told her I just dropped it off. Her reply "You not like it anymore?"

*For the life of me, I can not understand how Bo can be so smart & still not be able to wipe his own butt.

*Bo is getting into Star Wars stuff, but I believe he has a little more studying to do as he refers to R2D2 as 1234.

*Why does a egg coloring session always end with a bottle of Clorox Clean-up?

*Don't you just love some spam comments. Now I'm going to have to approve all my comments!
I'm pissed! Now, How do I delete them???

*Thank you to Preppy Bumpkin & NYC Housewife-in-Training for this sweet award!



Kathy B! said...

1234... awww, that is cute.

I've been lucky to avoid the SPAM comments so far. Sorry you got attacked :(

Sherrie said...

What happened? Someone sent you an ugly comment or a spam one? How dare they!!!!

Hey, I just posted my Spring Swap Goodies. Thanks for organizing such a fabulous swap!

KK said...

Did you get the sexy bikini comment? And the date service one? So creepy!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for the LOL's, SSM :) I've copied two of these for tonight's post, which includes my favorites from today (because there were too many to choose from!) Your kids are adorable (except when they don't wipe themselves, of course :)

Shannon said...

I confess... I refuse to dye eggs for Easter! I know, I know... such a bad mom. My kids are 6 & 8, and we've dyed eggs once. I think it was two or three years ago.

The Mother said...

The spam stuff is the bane of all bloggers. I keep putting in fancier software, and they keep finding ways around it.

On the subject of your Star Wars professor--be VERY grateful he missed Pokemon.

My kids filled their heads with so many pounds of useless information that they didn't have room for schoolwork.

Honestly, someone needs to invent a game that accidentally teaches kids important stuff, without them realizing it.

Anonymous said...

I get those rotten spam comments too. I've been deleting them when I see them but I really should be going into moderation myself. Maybe I will.

I love his name for R2D2! :)

Anonymous said...

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Happy Easter

kel said...

Hope you had a great Easter!!

Helene said...

I've been lucky so far and havne't gotten spam. But now I've just jinxed myself so I probably will now.

I often wonder the same thing about my 4 yr olds. How can they be SO smart, yet they still have no clue how to wipe their butts (and blow their own noses)?

Tess said...

Love the 1234 R2D2!

Tess said...

Love the 1234 for R2D2-funny!Please remember to vote for my Hallmark Mother's Day Card-hope that wasnt spam-lol!

Anonymous said...

HAH! Love the first one. My boy is always first to comment when I get my hair done.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I just posted about my swap package. Thank you so much for all the work you did to make this swap a success!


Feralhousewife said...

Spam sucks. I have a thing where they have to type the letters that appear in the box but even that is imperfect. I just click delete though beside the comments I don't appreciate.

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