Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Pinkest Party

Every year, our closest "big city" has a huge 10-day festival celebrating it's massive quantity of cherry blossom trees. They are beautiful & the festival is always a must attend event. All week long, there's something to do; from parades, fashion shows, gala balls & street parties (this year featured Pat Green & Tone Loc, but not on the same stage) to my favorite the annual Mulberry Street Arts & Crafts & cherry ice cream. The people in this town really go all out with the pink (& green accents). Grown men wear pink sport coats & even cowboy hats! I LOVE IT!!!

This year's t-shirt was so cute! Perfect for someone who loves pink & green! You know I had to have one. The slogan for the festival was "The Pinkest Party on Earth!" And how appropriate! My friend, Mark Ballard, always designs the artwork for the festival. He is so creative. And LOVES pink & green & is a wonderful cook & entertainer. Ya'll should check out his site.

Yes, this is a PINK poodle! Her name is Lacie. (Bo didn't want his picture made. I don't know if it was the pink dog or the large man dressed in all pink!) I told ya'll they go all out with the pink. Like Shelby's wedding in Steel Magnolias! If it stands still long enough, it's covered in pink.

Here's a few shots of my children decked out in their Cherry Blossom attire. Sunday was the last day of the festival & Saturday was a rain-out, so the children & I spent the WHOLE afternoon & into the evening at the festival with Aunt Crissy, Phillip & Crissy's BFF, Teresa. Retro & Newt were playing in the Cherry Blossom Golf Tournament. And the grandmothers were "busy" this year.
The highlight of my day happened just before we left. Aunt Crissy said to me, "You can't do anything by yourself with the kids, can you? We've had 4 adults with them today & still can't keep up with them." She's done stuff with us before, but this is the first time she's ever ready validated what I deal with everyday.

The girls enjoyed some rides & Bo LOVED the model train exhibit, of course! They even had performing Sea Lions!

And yummy PINK margaritas, even on Sunday
(only Southerns will understand this)!
We can't wait till next year!


Kathy B! said...

This festival looks like fun! And your kidd-o's are cute :)

What really got my attention was the pink margaritas... share the love with us non-Southerners!

Chelsea said...

Sounds like so much fun! I wish I had events like this near me!

Your son is absolutely adorable, and I love the expression on his face. I wonder if the pink was a little overwhelming for him!

Your daughters are beautiful and love the pictures! Hope you had a great time

All things pink! Ahhh... heaven?

LuLu said...

You must be from somewhere near Mac-Town:) I'm not too far from you!!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

How fun, my little Goose would have loved all that pink.

Tammy said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun, I want a t-shirt, are they available online?
I wish we had stuff like that here-I LOVE our town but nothing happens until summer :(
That poodle scares me!

Laura said...

I am so jealous! Why wasn't I invited to this little shin-dig?! And Pink, Green, & Southern is gonna flip her lid when she reads about this!!

Unknown said...

Such cute pictures! Love all the pink!

Sandra said...

Awwww so awesome!! It's Heaven in all that pink!!!

Princess Freckles said...

How fun!!!! And an elephant ride? way too cool!

Unknown said...

What fun! And Pink Margaritas? Yum!

Jill said...

Fun, fun. Love all the photos.

KK said...

I love this post. And I need that pink dog!!!

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