Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inquiring minds

...want to know your honest opinion!

Okay, I'm taking a poll.

1. Am I the only one who still watches Jon & Kate + 8?

2. If not, did you see the Season Finale?

3. If so, do you think there will be a Season 5?

If Jon has his way, Jon & Kate + 8 will be seen only in reruns. But if Kate has her way, the show will go on.

Personally, I love the show. My kids love the show. We have Season 3 on DVD.

That being said, I feel I know the family well enough to voice my thoughts on the situation. (I got my degree in Psychology at the same time as my MD)

Jon & Kate are in desperate need of some marriage counseling!!!

Kate is way too caught up in her "celebrity". Have you noticed how much better she looks & dresses since the beginning? I swear she uses as much spray tan as the folks on Dancing with the Stars. I like Kate and all but she treats Jon like a yard dog. She ALWAYS talks down to him. I feel sorry for him & it's getting hard to watch.

Jon, on the other hand, just wants his life back. But without the show, I don't think they can afford to have their life back. The house they just moved into is HUGE & costs 1.3 million. At least one of the older girls is getting braces & Lord knows how much all that "organic" food costs. I read somewhere that Jon doesn't really "do IT work from home". I read that he has always had a hard time keeping a job. But that is all hearsay.

I really do hope their marriage as not as bad as it looked on last night's episode. Those kids are so stinking cute! The twins are Sassy's age & Mady acts just like her. And the sextuplets are Bo's age & Aiden reminds me so much of him. Can you imagine how hard it would be on them if their parents divorced. Not to mention single-parenting 8 children!

Dr. Phil? Dr. Drew? Oprah? Anybody? help.

Hey, that would made for a good special. Maybe Kate could get paid some big bucks for that!!! My real degree is PR. Maybe they should hire me.


Miss Sweet Tea said...

I used to watch, but personally I think Kate is exploiting her children. She is so rude and terrible to all of them and Jon. It really makes me sick. I'm not saying he's perfect either, but she seems to be such a monster. I think she's jealous of her kids.

And yes, she has changed so much, appearance wise. I can't believe it. It'd be best for those kids if they could have a normal life, but it seems as though Kate is pretty insistent on this charade continuing.

Mom of Three said...

I love the show. I want them to keep it going, but it's obviously killing Jon, and I heard a rumor that Jon was out partying and hitting on college students. I head that on Chelsey Lately on E, so it's probably just a rumor, but it wouldn't shock me. He's stressed. I do agree Kate sure does look different. Side note, I love her hair cut, and would copy it if my face was stick thin like hers. Regardless, I hope they have saved up enough and invested so they can continue to live the way they are accustomed if they stop filming.

Gracie Beth said...

I read online that Jon has pretty much abandoned the family...so I think she was justified in yelling at him.

Laura said...

Please don't hate me because I've never watched this show! I heard about it, just never watched it! I also read an article on Kate in a Christian magazine. I'm not sure what I think about her....it's unfair to judge when I haven't watched the show.

Imjustagirl said...

I watch when I can catch it so definetly not regularly but, Kate definetly feels she is above Jon and to be honest I have not seen one reality show that has not ruined a marriage. Its very sad. My heart goe out to them I hope they can remember where they came from.

PreppyBumpkin said...

I totally forgot to DVR the finale last night! I'm HOOKED on the TLC families....they are my guilty pleasure.

And yes, Kate is a little harsh on Jon...and if I've watched too much, I find myself barking at the hubby...she rubs off on me!

I just hope they're all happy & don't do something to psychologically impact the kids.

Stephanie said...

Ohhh I am in the "I Hate Kate" category.

I have seen the show twice, and both times she made me want to reach through the screen and knock some sense into her.

I'm not a fan.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I DVR'd the show, but have not watched it yet. I had heard that they were having problems. She always talks down to him and is so rude. I hate to see them break up because of the kids, so I hope they can get things worked out.
I have loved watching the children grow up on TV. Love & blessings from NC!

Bamawhitney said...

I love the show, but Kate sure seems to have changed a lot. I don't think she is exploiting anyone, because we (the views) keep the show going. So hey, if I had a bunch of kids and people wanted to pay me to be on tv, sign me up! Last night made me sad. I hope they are ok.

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

I watch the show. I agree Kate can be hard on John, but sometimes I find myself doing it to my husband with just 2 kids, nevermind 8 kids. I always say (in my defense) "There was no time to be polite!" I know, that's weak, but I think sometimes the editing is to blame for the way Kate comes off. They want you to think Kate is a jerk because it makes for good TV right? I hope. Didn't John get a hair transplant? So maybe he's a little Hollywood too? I don't find the show offensive at all and I think that if they can make money for that family then more power to them. I don't see anything wrong with the way the kids are portrayed. That's just my 2 cents!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

You can so feel the tension between the two of them. I feel bad for them!!! They need help! Where is Dr. Phil when you need em!!

Misty said...

i love that show... I didn't see the episode but honestly, things aren't always as they seem. I think that Kate gets a bad wrap. The country enjoys criticizing her. Imagine if you were home with your kids ALL DAY, EVERYDAY with 8 kids... And a camera crew was there 2-3 days a week. How many "bad" moments would they catch? I know in my house- with my one kid- there would be several.

And Jon married Kate knowing she was anal and controlling. He's always been pretty good about holding his own.

Unknown said...

I've never gotten into it, but my best friend swears by the show. I've heard all the rumors though about how Kate treats Jon. I just hope the family does whatever is best in the long run.

Kathy B! said...

It IS painful to watch her talk down to him that way. I think she thinks she's being funny?! I don't know... If she has ever watched a show I can't believe she can't be objective enough to see it.

I sure hope it works out for them... That's a lot of kiddo-s depending on you... makes it all the more complicated if things go wrong.

USCEmily said...

I was watching a recent episode yesterday and noticed the whole spray tan thing- she's much darker than she's ever been.

And WEG and I have always commented on the way she talks to Jon. He rarely gets a word in before she is cutting him off or jumping down his throat- although she makes it seem like he is the one interrupting her. I'm definitely not a fan of hers, but I like Jon and think the kids are adorable (for the most part- except when they whine)!

Anonymous said...

I never got into watching that show. I heard that they arent like what the show portrays?

Brandi said...

I watch Jon and Kate. I feel like I know their family personally after watching so long. I missed the Finale. I don't think there will be a Season 5. But I agree with you that they need some counseling.

Jill said...

I used to watch the show until I got sick of Kate treating Jon like shit. (And I posted this on my blog last week). And it's just not the show's editing... if she treats him like crap on TV in front of millions, imagine how she treats him in private. And the big kicker is she is now on the "Christian women's tour circuit" which totally put me over the edge. Give me a break. My guess is it's Kate's way or the highway and they'll be back for another Season...with or without Jon, I'm sure because obviously he doesn't matter much. She's disgusting.

Sherrie said...

Well, I watch on occasion, but I didn't see last night's episode. I'm sure it'll be on again, so I may try to catch the repeat. I'd much rather watch Little People, Big World.

Now, I have an AWESOME award for you here:


Unknown said...

I occassionally watch. I think it is difficult if not near impossible to live a normal life with a camera crew shadowing you. On the E specials on reality show, show producers for other shows have stirred the pot - exacerbating situations that would not normally blow over. It is a tough enough life to have two sets of multiples let alone adding celebrity to the equation.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I feel like you do about all of this. I love watching the show and Carter enjoys watching it with me. I feel sorry for Jon. I hope that there is a completly different side to Kate than what is portrayed on the show. I bet they will be back, because honestly how could they afford not to?

KK said...

I still watch it because it is the only thing on at that time on Monday night but I have to say that Kate really grates on my nerves!

cancersucks said...

My daughter and I love the show. I think Jon was extra upset b/c star magazine had a pic of him with some local college girls at a bar and they claimed they kissed...so I think that is where the extra freak out came from on the last episode. Kate always gets her way so I am sure they will be back!

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