Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess what!!!


April Fool's!!!

And if you believed that, you are not up on your Semi-Slacker Mom trivia. I had a hysterectomy in March of '07. And Retro got fixed two weeks after Baby Girl was born!

Aside from an occasional joke or two, I usually don't participate in the foolishness of April Fool's Day. I'm not really that good at lying, unless I need to.


7 years ago, I totally "April Fooled" Retro. Feel free to use this on your own husband.

Here's the back story: When I found out I was pregnant with Sassy, I couldn't believe it (I had an appt. with the fertility doc in two weeks) so I took a second test to be sure. And being the sentimental sap that I am, I saved both tests. One was in Sassy's scrapbook & the other was in a box of other keepsakes.

Fast forward 7 months to Sassy's first April Fool's Day: That morning while Rhett was getting ready, I showed him the old POSITIVE pregnancy test. Needless to say, he was shocked! He started stumbling over his words saying "well guess we'll have our hands full" & other such things. I held out as long as I could, finally I told him April Fool's! He was kinda pissed. I thought it was funny, so did everybody I told.

Maybe that's why I don't do April Fool's, I will never be able to top that one!
I also want to share with ya'll my new motto in life, SIMPLIFY!

My friend, Tamatha shared that with me today & encouraged me to adopt it as my own motto. Complication stresses me, so I'm sure going to give this a try.

My first step toward simplifying things has to do with the little one's Preschool Egg Hunt.

The hunt was scheduled for Wednesday (today) with a rain day scheduled for Thursday. Well it's going to rain on both days. So, instead of moving it inside (like I suggested) to simplify things. The director has scheduled it for Friday. They don't even go to preschool on Friday.

And I specifically scheduled Sassy's class hunt for Friday because last year she had the hunt on the rain day & I missed the preschool hunt (Babsy went), because I had scheduled Sassy's hunt for that day. I thought for sure I was safe this year!

If you know me, you know I do not like to miss any of my children's activities! That's why I stay at home & why I'm a room mother so I can control these kind of things.

The preschool hunt is from 10-12 & the 1st grade hunt is from 12-2, 20 minutes away. Technically, I could brush off my set-up duties & make both hunts, just leaving the first one early. But that would really stress me out & I would have to take a double dose of my Wellbutrin.

So, I'm going to SIMPLIFY. The Semi-Slackers are not attending the preschool hunt. Baby Girl could care less & I'm going to let Bo hunt with the 1st graders. He's like their little mascot anyway. Plus, we have that big egg hunt at our house.

SIMPLIFY. I'm on my way.


Gracie Beth said...

I thought about telling my mom that tomorrow as a joke but I think she would murder me through the phone!

Laura said...

As far as the pregnancy thing goes, I did the same thing to my man, only I made the mistake of telling him while he was driving! Being a UPS man, you would think he could handle it. However, I was in the car (ours) with him and I thought we were about to have a wreck! He totally freaked!!

As for the egg hunt, sound like a plan to me!

Mrs4444 said...

Good for you! Excellent decision. Seriously; how important would it have been 10 years from now? And BRAVO about the pregnancy trick. I loved the line, "And if you believed that, you are not up on your Semi-Slacker Mom trivia."

Sandra said...

Yay for you! Way to destress yourself! And - Gibbs - no hesitation on that one. I want to marry him. I love him. xoxo

Imjustagirl said...

Good for you! I love the motto. There is no use stressing out over things that are out of our control.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Loved the pregnancy story. I still have my pregnacy tests too from when I had my girls. I can't believe I still have them, but I do.(That was 25 years ago). If I pulled that trick on hubby, it would be a medical miracle. I'm 55!!! LOL!!!
I agree with the simplify part of your post. I am doing the same thing with my house. Cleaning out and de-cluttering. If I have not used it in a while, it is out of here! As for the egg hunts, I totally agree. Your children will all enjoy being together and it will be less stessful for you. Love & blessings from NC!

KK said...

Simple is good!

LuLu said...

Give me some tips because I definitely need to simplify! We live about 75-80 miles east of Macon (almost dead in the middle of Macon and Savannah)!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I like you new motto...I need to adopt that in my life!

I love your April Fool's Day Joke on your husband...priceless!

Princess Freckles said...

Good for you! This will make for a much for enjoyable day for everyone! Have fun!

RosieJo said...

Good for you!! May I use 'Simplify' as my mantra, too?

wife.mom.nurse said...

You have totally scared me!!!!!

Definately not
up on my semi-slacker mom trivia.

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

Oh that is a good one! I don't know if I could keep a straight face-I'm not good at lying.

webmaster said...
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