Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Bunko Babes & A Giveaway!

I play Bunko. I LOVE Bunko!

There are 12 of us & we call ourselves the B**** (our town) Bunko Babes. We've been playing together for over 5 years. We get together once a month with just the girls & twice a year we bring the hubbies! We enjoy our cocktails, good food & great prizes!

We proudly wear our "logo" on our cars, shirts & koozies. We love to throw theme parties, dress up & sometimes even make the hubbies dress up! White Trash, Ghetto Fabulous, Bridesmaid Bunko (we wore our old dresses), Bunko for Lovers, Luau, Pink Bunko, Halloween, Black & White Bunko, that's just a sampling of our themes! We really know how to have fun!

But we also do for others. For the past 2 years, the 12 of us (with some help from friends & family) have hosted a Bunko fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. With those 2 events, the B**** Bunko Babes were able to donate over $5000 to the fight against cancer. Every year, we adopt a family for Christmas. This year, we were able to adopt 2 families. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to deliver to one family. Our group of girls was able to collect so much stuff for this family, the back of my Suburban was packed to the limit!!!

We have been there for each other through the good times & the bad. We have seen each other through weddings, births (lots of babies), birthdays, divorce, infertility, deployment, alcoholism, deaths of parents & loved ones, illness & surgery. These girls are 11 of best friends anyone could ask for.

At January's Bunko ("Things We Love") I won the Quiet Time prize which was this book:

Oh my! Just like us, I couldn't wait to start reading it!!

In The Bunko Babes by Leah Starr Baker, Becca plays Bunko with a group of 8 ladies & they call themselves The Bunko Babes. Some of them have been friends forever & some are relatively new friends. They come from different backgrounds & vary in age. (Just like us) What started as a weekly Girls Night developed into something much more & much deeper.

While dealing with some life's stumbling blocks, such as infertility, infidelity & a debilitating illness, these ladies find a new strength through their faith & friendship in the time of crisis. The support system that they provide for each other enables them to rise above their adversities & stand strong along side their "sisters".

This book made me laugh & it made me cry. It made me realize, all the more, how important my friendships with my Bunko Babes is to me. This book is not about Bunko, it's about friendship.

*Now for the GIVEAWAY*

If you would like to win a copy of this wonderful book, here's what you have to do: (Please leave a comment for each entry!)

  1. Leave a comment - 1 entry
  2. Follow me (if you already do, let me know) - 1 entry
  3. Grab my button that Sherrie made me - 2 entries
  4. Blog about my giveaway - 2 entries

*BONUS ENTRY* Tell me which of my 3 previous posts (only 150ish) are your favorite - 5 entries!

Contest ends Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009. The winner will be selected by random.org.


kel said...

I wanna join your Bunko group!! Consider this my entry!

eight helping hands said...

How funny is it that I just thought about blogging on Bunko Night. I'm a Bunk Babe and I love it!!!!! We have theme night too. This month (tomorrow night) we are doing everything valentines, and bringing hubbies. it is a lot of fun and you make some important friendships, that go deep and last forever. P.S. I already have the book, enjoy your giveaway!

Gabi said...

I'm still trying to figure out what bunko is. Maybe it's a Southern thing? I'd love to read the book though!
Also, I am wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blog list?
Thanks :)

The Mom Jen said...

FUN! My Bunco group has been together almost 3 years now and going strong! Thanks for the chance!

BroncoMom said...

I am a follwer so this is my entery - my favorite post...I have a few. The bunko group definatly makew me smile. I too am in a bunko group - love every minute we get to spend together. So, when I read your thoughts it made me think of my group. Bunko is more than just rolling dice right???

BroncoMom said...

My next entry is the regular entry...My favorite Semi Slacker Mom entry would be the bumps and the boo boos. How could you resit that sweet lil face wearing a bandage over her litte lips?

Laura said...

What a great group of babes!! I admire what you chicks have done!

Laura said...

Oh, and I'm already a follower, too!

Mags said...

You've got a great bunko group. I started playing when I moved into our neighborhood...what fun!!! I'm a follower and I blogged about your giveaway.

The Harmon's said...

I love Bunco and I will become a follower.


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Sounds like a fun book.

Tammy said...

My BF wants me to join a Bunk Group she is trying to get together-you make it sound so wonderful-even if I dont have a clue how to play (it's not all about the game is it?)
Please give me an entry-sounds like a nice book :)

Tammy said...

I happily folow you along your journey.

Tammy said...

I happily folow you along your journey.

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