Monday, February 9, 2009

Hittin' the bottle!

Ever since her recent herpes outbreak, Baby Girl has been hittin' the bottle!

Seriously after she got the shingles, I gave her cherry-flavored Children's Tylenol when her boo-boos hurt & apparently she has developed a taste for it!

She was starting to ask for "my med-sin".

Today, she was in the bathroom getting her "med-sin" for me. And before I could get in there, she had the top off, pouring herself a toddy!

Child-proof caps my big Aunt Fannie!

Guess I'll have to start hiding the Tylenol in the liquor cabinet.

Before I had finished my above post, Babsy called. My cousin's house had caught on fire! We're talking numerous fire trucks, water tankers, the whole deal! So I called Gammi to come stay with the kids & Retro & I go to see what we need to do.

They live about 5 miles down the road. In fact, that whole side of my family all lives within about 20 miles of each other. Small town life, gotta love it! Anyway...

Jeff & April have a 2 1/2 year old & 7 month old twins. She was heating up some oil to fry chicken for supper & it caught on fire. She was home alone with the twins, panicked, got the babies & ran next door. By then it was too late. The kitchen is pretty much toast, excuse the pun. As is the living room & dining room area.

Thankfully no one was hurt & nothing irreplaceable was lost. Still, I can't imagine.


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Hide the tylenol, and we will be praying for your family. So glad everyone is alright.

Sherrie said...

Micah likes him some Tylenol, too. LOL!

That's awful about Jeff & April. Please tell her I'll be praying. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I've got some boy clothes that Micah has outgrown if she needs any. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

My kids love their summer allergy meds. It's embarrassing.
That's horrible about your cousin's house! Thankfully no one was hurt.

SarahHub said...

I'm so glad your cousin is okay!

Evie loves medicine, too!

Misty said...

I keep the Tylenol high in the cabinet hidden in a little bag of medicine. My kids love it too and if one gets some the other is waiting like a little birdie with it's mouth open.

Anonymous said...

Cute post....sorry about your cousin. That's scary!

kel said...

I'm glad everyone is ok with the fire! And have you tried the strawberry tylenol? Nummers!!!

Kristie R said...

glad April and the babies got out ok...if they need anything let me know

you are turning that sweet baby girl into a addict

Robyn Jones said...

I am glad your cousins are alright...I hope they are able to replace everything...

I drank an entire bottle of pencillian when I was five or six....I thought it was yummy.,..still remember doing it...LOL!

Ashlee said...

Too funny about Baby Girl and so scary about the fire. I worry about that sometimes. You know how we southerners are with that grease... gotta use it often!

And, I totally dropped the ball on the award you gave me. I'm so thankful and will put it on my page! Sorry!

Princess Freckles said...

Oh my! I'm so glad no one was hurt! That is so sacry.

*Kimmie* said...

How awful. I am terrified of fire. I am so happy to hear that everyone was safe!

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