Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

I hope ya'll like the new look! I had to decorate for Valentine's Day. You can too at LeeLou's Blogs.

Plans are underway for our trip to Beech Mountain, NC. The kids are excited about the snow! We're planning for a packed chalet. It's going to be the Semi-Slacker crew; our friends, Blond J, Preggie B & Sassy's BFF, Little C; Aunt Crissy & Phillip. You have to be 3 & potty-trained to go to Ski School, so needless to say Baby Girl will not be attending. Sassy needs a new ski suit & I need new pants, but everyone else is covered, so only a small amount of retail therapy will be needed for this trip. I do have some questions for those of you that live where it snows.
  • Should I make Bo wear his ear plugs to play in the snow, so water doesn't get in his ears?
  • Will the snow mess up my Uggs? They're sand colored.
  • Where's the best place to order Sassy a cute ski outfit?

Bo has learned how to buckle his seat belt! Yay! Now, we just working on the wiping. He & Retro had a wonderful conversion about this topic the other night. He is making some progress.

And if I haven't told ya'll before, he is now sleeping through the night! PTL!

I just finished watching The Dugger Wedding. It was kinda cheesy, not at all like my wedding. But I enjoyed it. Anna & the bridesmaid's dresses were no where near as bad as I expected! I only wish they'd show some footage of the wedding night!!! :o Maybe after that, they'll grow up a little & stop wearing matching shirts! Pulllleeze!!! The best part of tonight's episodes was when all the older girls & Josh left Michelle & Jim Bob at home with the rest of the kids. During a brief shot, I think I saw Michelle "lose her cool"! She must need a refill on her happy pills!

I hope ya'll enjoy the post I have planned for tomorrow! It's something new I want to try.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I was up near Beech Mountain this weekend. It was beautiful! I know you all will have an awesome trip. If you need to check on weather, etc. while you are there; check out Raysweather.com. Beech Mountain is in Avery County. This info might help. Love & blessings in NC!

*Kimmie* said...

I LOVE the blog layout! So cute, yet so cleanly designed! What a fabulous trip you have planned!

The Staley Daily said...

Thank you so much for wanting to donate pins! I have sent you an email with our address. Very cute blog!

eight helping hands said...

Blog looks cute!
Your Uggs will be toast, your little boy doesn't need ear plugs, and if you don't have a ski store near you, you can find your daughter a suit when you get there. Albeit you will have to pay more!
Have a good time!

KK said...

Yes, the snow will run your uggs + thay are not waterproof so your toes whill freeze and check ebay for a cute snow outfit!

Kristie R said...

I've heard we are planning our snow weekends for the same weekends, not sure where we are going yet but you know Jenna did ask for snow for Christmas so we are finding snow that weekend

Sandra said...

If you have time to order a ski suit you could try REI.com -

P 101 hates Crocs, but Loves SSM and Bo and Baby-Girl :-)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Yeah, UGGs & snow don't go together well & the ear plugs are unnecessary. I;m no help on gear though because it's been about 10 years since I was on the slopes

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

I couldn't force myself to stomach the Duggar wedding.

TonyaB said...

Love the new look, very cute. I watched the Duggar wedding. Almost fell out of my chair when the dad pulled out the "Wedding Night" dvd. I just always wonder why the girls' hair has to be slicked down on their forehead.. They could be cute. Anyway, thanks for the YouTube tip. Hopefully, I can try it out soon.

Ashlee said...

Yeah the Duggar clan is interesting. Brad gave up after about 2 minutes. I like the new look! Have fun skiing!

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