Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sassy's Guest Post

The Wonderful World of Sassy's Webkinz

I started out with 1 Webkinz then I turned it into 27. Most kids like Webkinz, but I think they're EVERYTHING. Here is a picture of my Webkinz.

Do you know that I have a favorite Webkinz? When you see all my Webkinz, you might see one that you like the best. But my favorite is my baby polar bear that I got from Santa. It's the best! It's name is Icicle.

I have fun on Webkinz World. It is a fun game for all your Webkinz. Even though I don't feed them as much as the brand new ones (my mommy says I have too many), I still love my old ones. Did I mention I have a camel Webkinz. It has a beard! I've never seen a camel, so I say camel's don't have beards. But my mommy says they do. I still don't believe it. I just think what I think. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote with a little help from mommy. She did the typing. I said the words.

I hope you enjoy my Mommy's blog.


SarahHub said...

Sassy, I love your Webkins. Evie is already asleep, but I'll have to show her the pictures tomorrow. She will have fun looking at them!

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...

Oh, I was waiting for that Webkins post. My son just received a Gorilla that he received in his stocking from Santa.

Icicle seems like a nice friend.

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...
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Misty said...

What a great little blogger you have...Way to go Sassy....Good job

Anonymous said...

Sassy, What a fine job you did! And I am so proud of your clean room and playroom. Is it still clean? Hey, that's a nice Webkinz mouse pad. Where did you get that? Love, Babsy

Tammy said...

Oh how wonderful Sassy, My daughter has 39 webkinz and loves all of hers. She loves Quackers, he duck best. She has had him awhile and he is looking rather worn. She received the sea otter from Santa and he is her favorite to play with on Webkinz world right now. Im going to show her your pictures, she'll love looking at your Webkinz "room". thanks for sharing :)

Adlibby said...

Great post Sassy! I only have one webkinz. It's the Koala bear. But my little girls' have about 15 each. Meg likes horses, so she has a lot of those. She just got the whale for Christmas, it's cool how the water ones can swim around in a bubble. Erin just got the hummingbird for Christmas. It's fun to see it fly. Have fun in Webkinz world!

Mrs4444 said...

My daughter is 13 and still loves her Webkins, even though she doesn't go on the website any more. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Sassy, you wrote a fantastic review of Webkins. I am going to show this to my daughter, Peanut who collects them too. Her favorite right now is her newest one too that she got for her birthday, a pony. I like the way you have Icicles in a car. Soon you'll learn to type and help your Mom even more with her blog :)

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