Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sundays Somethings

*Today, my friend, Amy at Hiley Creative Photography took on the daunting task of photographing my children for our Christmas pictures & cards. She called me this evening & shared with me that she took 274 pictures of "The Wild Ones" & guess how many she got with all three looking, smiling & BEHAVING!!! 2, two, 2! I'm not surprised!

*I got my nerve block on Friday. The wait for a 15 minute procedure? No lie, 4 hours! 2 hours- waiting room, 1.5- pre-op, 15 minutes- nerve bock & 15 minutes- recovery! SaturDAY, I felt like hell, but then went out to Olive Garden & Target with my BFFs. Today, it was feeling better, now it's kinda starting to hurt again. They said it would probably take 3-5 days to kick it! Wish me luck!

*Great news! My favorite 80s radio station switched to Christmas music this past week! 10 months of 80s, 2 months of Christmas - can't beat that!!! My name is Semi-Slacker Mom & I am addicted to all things Christmasy!

*Plans are in full swing for Sassy's school "Thanksgiving Program" & guess who's in charge of EVERYTHING except the performance? You guessed it, the room moms! This task includes assigning everyone what to bring, decorating the stage & the food tables, set-up, clean-up & anything else that might come our way! I hope they like everything this year because it'll be done exactly the same 3 years from now (Bo class) & 2 years from that (Baby Girl)!

*I'm am pumped about Thanksgiving dinner!!! It has got to be my favorite meal of the year. How sad is that? We're having my family & Retro's family at our house. Trust me. It's much easy to have everyone at your own house that having to decide when you're going where & having to haul children all over town!

*My birthday is on Friday & check out what Retro got me! EARLY! He bought it on Thursday & gave it to me on Thursday. He can't keep a surprise! (Me, either!) The picture doesn't do it justice- there's diamonds in there! I promise.
He loves to give me jewelry! He goes down to our local jewelry store & the ladies help him pick out something for me.

Have a GREAT week!


kel said...

Oooo... pretty!! Love that necklace! happy b-day in advance!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful gift!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday and beautiful necklace! I was just showing my hubby the champagne diamond one similar to yours but with 2 circles I wanted to go with my wedding ring and earrings I have for Christmas or my birthday this year. Beautiful and thumbs WAY up for your hubby! :-)

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