Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once a momma, always a momma & Reality TV

Tonight on Jon & Kate + 8, while renewing their vows in Hawaii, Kate stopped the wedding (I mean told the preacher man "excuse me", i.e. Hush!) & got on to her kids for misbehaving during the beginning. That is so my life! You want the kids to be apart of everything, cause they're so stinkin' cute, then you get them there & they act like nuts!

And since I'm posting about J&K+8, let me go ahead & discuss some of my other fav reality shows. With the exception of Dancing with the Stars, do not like network reality shows. Only those on cable.

* Here's my picks for DWTS: 1. Lance & Lacey 2. Julianne & Cody (more for her than him) 3. Derek & Brooke (more for him than her). Sorry Warren Sapp, you're good & all, but I'm tired of black dudes winning stuff.

*I love 17 kids & Counting, but 18 babies!?! Is that really healthy for her body? I know 3 'bout did me in. The oldest son just got engaged & they're not even kissing until they say "I do". Boy, is she in for a surprise that night! The momma, Michelle, must be on some serious "Happy Pills"! All those kids & she never gets upset, angry & even frustrated! I need some of what she's got.

*The E! Channel brings us to The Girls Next Door. How sad that Holly & Kendra are leaving the mansion. I had high hopes for Hef & Holly! Every 84-year old man needs a new baby around the house. Sassy & I will miss them! She thinks the girls are his granddaughters & they own Victoria's Secret (to explain to underwear).

*And the Kardashians! What a wild & crazy bunch. I can't wait till next season!

*Sassy's favorite is Tori & Dean. I must say, Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood is much better than Tori & Dean, Inn Love. I love some Tori Spelling, but sometimes I want to slap Dean & the redheaded chic.

*Last, but certainly not least, The Food Network! Ace of Cakes -How much do you think Duff would charge me to make Bo's pirate b-day cake? Iron Chef America- I would love to be a judge! I'm not happy about them picking Michael Symon over that sexy John Besh, but I won't dwell on that. I love Bobby, Rachael, Paula & Alton. I don't cook much, but love to watch in on tv!


The Mom Jen said...

I was totally sobbing at the wedding show of J&K+8, then laughing so hard at the "just having to be a mom"...so typical right?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lance and Lacey are my two faves as well!

GiGi said...

Hey, I just left Kroger's bakery and they had a fantastic Pirate Ship Cake. Check it out!!

SarahHub said...

I love Ace of Cakes, too! How do they do it???

Helene said...

I love some of those same shows! I was really surprised that I liked the Tori and Dean show but she seems so down to earth and like a good mom, that I found myself enjoying watching it! I had to laugh about the Duggar mom being on happy pills..she IS always smiling and happy. What's up with that?! She never seems to lose her calm!

Anonymous said...

How insane is it that she has had 18 kids and isn't 500 pounds?!? I'm not bashing the family, but I don't think it is right to have so many kids to where they have to schedule in time with their parents... seems a little sad to me!
not even kissing til they get married?!?! How insane is that?!?! I wonder if they will try to top their parents record of children.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm with you on the 18 babies thing, but I really admire that mom; she's sure got it together. I cannot imagine in a million years waiting to be married before kissing; that's impressive.

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