Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

My husband just pissed me off! A few months ago, I read the book The Christmas Jar, so I started my own Jar. Just now, Retro tried to take all my change I've been collecting & put it in the children's piggy banks! My spoiled, never want for ANYTHING, children! And I got mad. No I don't want the cash, I want you to leave my stuff alone. And I'm not being irrational. I can't have anything around here!

Bo has been having major ear issues for some time now. Ear infections, he doesn't sleep through the night & noise sensitivity (he can't stand the vacuum) just to name a few. We have an appt. scheduled at the ENT doctor. Fun, fun, can't wait! Anyway so he can't stand loud noises, so being the slacker mom that I am, I don't think about that when I send him & Babsy to a "Mr. Al" concert with the preschool. Not a good thing.

I would have gone myself, but of course Sassy has a field trip on the same day! Wouldn't you know it. That's why I don't play the lottery. Followed by pee-wee football & cheerleading pictures. Loads of fun!

Here's the latest on the back issue, in addition to the spondylolysis (stress fracture), I also have a degenerative disc. Since I'm too old for one procedure & too young for surgery, I get to get a nerve block. Whatever. As long as it works & he does it ASAP. I need all medical procedures done by the end of the year. I've met my deductible.

My To-Do List includes ordering some mammoth crocs for the 2 youngest crocoholics on the farm. Seriously, Bo & Baby Girl would, and for the most part do, wear some stinkin', dirty crocs every day of their life! It's one thing for Bo, he's a boy (reason enough) & he has 3 or 4 pairs. Baby Girl, on the other hand, has a much better selection to chose from than just her 1 pair of pink & purple crocs! and the worst part- she calls them cocks.

I hope it rains tomorrow, the monogrammed Suburban needs a bath. Some days, I could really use some happy pills.

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Thimblehappy said...

I don't have a happy pill; how about a cyber hug instead? You deserve it for all you accomplish in spite of back pain that probably clings like your shadow. Slacker my hind end! Your family is lucky to have you. Never let them forget it, ha!

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