Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm being a Witch this Halloween!

*DISCLAIMER* If you don't want to read my B&M session, please check back in tomorrow. or the next day. or the next. Sorry.

Last week was a bad week for me, so I'm in that kind of mood.

Here's a word to the wise: if your back starts hurting, don't wait 3.5 years to do something about it. Bad back = Bad mood! My nerve block has been rescheduled for Nov. 14. The doctor said it may last 2 months or 2 years. Hell, I might as well go ahead & make an appt. for another now, because it's taking a month & a half to get the first one done.

Anyway, so by 6 pm, my back is killing me. I mean, crying bad! (I'm sure dealing with all those clothes hasn't helped it.) And around 6 pm, EVERY NIGHT! my children start acting like they have lost their minds! Running around my house, messing up everything Matt Lizzie has spent all day cleaning, fighting, acting like fools! So I (because they only want Momma) put the babies in their room around 7. (I leave some lights on, Retro doesn't, so they look at books & play, sometimes cry or come downstairs 25 times, till they fall asleep.) That gives me a hour to read, work on spelling or whatever with Sassy. And let me tell you, that is NOT my happy place. It's like pulling eye teeth with that child. She does great when she wants to, she just don't want to! She's going to boarding school instead of the middle school!

And school... Here's another word to the wise: if you are "in charge" of something, don't treat your volunteers like idiots or expect them to read your mind. Cheerleading. This is my first year being involved, as is the other moms who are helping me. And it may be our last. One of the people we have to deal with is driving us CRAZY. She has never once given us any guidelines, job description, or anything & then has a hissy if we do something she doesn't like!

I'm thinking she has some control issues. The only thing is that she never says anything to me, only the other mom, I really don't think she can remember my name. Either that or she's figured out that I don't put up with very much nonsense & if you're not going to do your job, I will.

On a more positive note, Retro & I took Bo to the ENT on Wednesday. He will be having his tonsils & adenoids removed & tubes put in his ears on Nov. 4th. Please pray for us! He is NOT a good patient. But maybe by Thanksgiving, he will be feeling & sleeping much better!

We've got a MAJOR busy week, next week. Sassy's last 2 football games, spelling test a day early, Preschool Halloween party & parade on Thursday, pre-op with the pediatrician, football party after Thursdays game, Halloween parade & party on Friday, Trick-or-Treating & a b-day party Saturday! I need to start drinking now.

Speaking of drinking, for all you winos reading this, you know I prefer Boone's Farm, but my friend Tami (the other cheer mom) sells this wine called Sassy Bitch & it is GREAT. You can find it at a liquor store near you. Just a free plug for all the BS this week.

Ya'll have a nice day.


Katie Ryan said...

I'm sorry you feel bad, and I'll keep your son in my prayers for his surgery. Good luck!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Sorry your back is hurting you so much. My dad gets those spinals about once a year & says they are very effective.

Anonymous said...

Brayden had the same surgery scheduled for November 4th also... but we moved it today to the 17th of November because he has been super sick the past couple of days with a high fever. i will be thinking of ya'll on the 4th!

I hope your back starts feeling better soon as well!!

Mom on the Pedestal said...

Off Subject: I saw the title of your blog and just had to read on.

On Subject: I really do hope that your back does get better and all goes well with the little one. Getting more sleep for the both of you sounds like it could do wonders.

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