Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potty Drama

*Warning: Parts of this post may not be for those with weak stomachs.*

Baby Girl, who won't be 2 until the 21st, has decided she wants to start going to the potty. I find this very surprising due to the fact that her sister was almost 3 & her brother was 3.5 before they were potty-trained. Granted she is not that consistent, but she does do pretty well. On Monday, she wore some of Sassy's old "big girl" panties for most of the day.

Generally, she wears pull-ups & has now figured out how to unvelcro them when she needs/wants to. I have issues with the velcro on the pull-ups. They didn't have this when Sassy wore them. Please continue reading & you will fully understand my issues.

Baby Girl does pretty good at the TT part of the whole potty thing. She tells me she needs to "TT", runs to the potty & sits down on her Sesame Street potty seat. And usually just does her thing.

Now the poopy part is where my issues come in. Sometimes she will tell me "poopy" & we run to the potty & all is well. Sometimes not so much.

Monday (while wearing the big girl panties) she needed to poop, so I help her get situated on the potty & start to wait (these things take time) then someone screams Momma, so I go to check to that child. When I return, Baby Girl has pooped in the sink while "brushing her teeth"/making a mess with toothpaste. (She loves to brush her teeth.) Just lovely!!! Have I mentioned she's a climber?

Now to what just happened that lead me to this post...I was sitting at my computer doing a quiz that I will post about later, when Baby Girl walks up, says "poop" & immediately undoes the unvelcro. I'll let you just guess what falls out. Son of a biscuit-eater! Luckily there was a plastic bag in my trash can, so I quickly got up the mess & we run to the potty.

My question is, Huggies: Why the velcro? They are called Pull-ups, not Velcro-offs. We are supposed to be teaching them how to wear underwear, right? I don't have velcro on my panties (some people might, but that's none of my business)!

After this lovely experience, Baby Girl won't be walking around the house in just a pull-up again. Yeah I know, white trash!

*Added Note* Today, it has been 1 week since the dreadful tongue incident. Things are healing up nicely and Baby Girl never missed a beat (or much of a meal)! Thanks for all your concern!


Angela said...

Oh my! I just laughed out loud - please know it was with you, not at you! My son is still potty training too, and whoo boy, I understand you plight!

Slacker Mama said...

Too funny! And I can tell you why there's velco...it's for the kids like my Sweet Baby A.

You know the ones...they start yelling "Poopy in the pah-ty!", but has *already* done it. If there weren't velcro, it's awfully messy to pull them down. (Trust me...I know!)

BTW...A was due on the 21st...but didn't make her arrival 'til the 25th!

Amy said...

This is just what I needed to read in the wee small hours of the morning. Hope I didn't wake anyone with my laughter...
I'm postponing potty training my little man indefinitely!

Breezy said...

I'm not saying this would work for everyone...I don't even really know how I feel about it and I'm trying not to think about potty training at least until a week or so after I give birth =) But, I used to work for a family where the little girl refused to poop in the potty, ALWAYS in her panties or pants...so the mom resorted to only dresses and no underwear (camando!) at home. Somehow this worked...but since yours has already shown sink pooping expertise I don't know if you'd be able to keep the poopy off other normally "poop-free" surfaces...

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Velcro on panties...hmmm! Interesting!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I'm howling. Lol!

My 2 year old (28 months) doesn't seem at all interested in going to the potty. That's understandable, my older girl was at least 3. But what's funny is she wants me to show her the poop after I change her diaper, and now she says "Ewww gross!" It's too funny.

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