Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm losing my semi-!

Lately, my slacker mom tendencies have been in overdrive.

It has been a rough couple of weeks around here. My "mother's helper" (babysitter, housekeeper, etc.) Matt Lizzie has been out since last Monday! Her husband had surgery, so she's taking care of him.

So I have been having to do everything around here by myself. Retro has been helping out more than usual (because he knows it's in his best interest to do so). And I know ya'll are saying "Wah, wah", but remember I have a "broken back" aka the Stress Fracture. And to top that off, last week my SI joint (pelvis/spine) slipped out & hurt like hell! Jim the PT fixed it for me, but it still hurts. Those 3 BAB (big a** babies) I delivered did this to me. I'm not supposed to be picking them up or carrying them around & a list of several other things I can't avoid especially since Matt's out. So how do I explain that to 2 & 3 year olds? And a 7 year old that's too self-absorbed to help with much.

I really hate feeling so bad, because it makes me a meaner mommy. I have no patience with the little ones & by the time Sassy gets home from school, my back is hurting so bad, Heaven help her! Ya'll know Mommies can't get sick! It screws up the universe. Luckily, the children don't seem too fazed by my ill temperament.

So here's where my slackness is abundant... Baby Girl celebrates her 2nd birthday on Sunday & my in-laws have been in Hawaii for 10 days & don't return till Saturday (coincidence?), so the party will be on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, I'll have to skip church, but all least I won't have to serve a meal.

In the past, my parties have been "themed out"! I set the bar way too high with Sassy! Poor Baby Girl! I was planning one theme, but couldn't find invitations to go & waited too late to order any. Imagine that! So the invites don't match the other crap. And I've had the little ones in tow for 2 weeks & I try not to shop with them, plus 2 drs. appts.! Finally, yesterday I was able to make a Target run to get the stuff for the party. Including the gifts! $200! WTH! I feel like I'm just throwing stuff together. So slack.

And don't even get me started on the house! It's a good thing it's cooling off, because I'm having this shindig outside! At least my yard looks halfway decent. (And outside of the house is getting cleaned tomorrow, maybe they'll do the inside too. Surely couldn't hurt much.) Oh! Except for the giant hole in the side yard where Retro is getting a putting green put in "for Bo". It was supposed to be finished. Whatever. That's a whole other story.

I usually even have the birthday child's outfit coordinate with the party theme. I haven't the slightest idea what BG is wearing. I suck! Poor third child.

See, there's nothing semi about this slackness!


Sherrie said...

LOL! The first child always gets spoiled, by the the 2nd and 3rd roll around...well, we all know what happens. Poor Micah has yet to have his pics taken professionally...he's 6 months old for crying out loud. LOL! Oh well, one of these days.

Hope you're back is better...I threw mine out last week, and I'm thanking God for Motrin...I lived on it for 5 days.

Kristie R said...

poor Baby Girl...Chelsey did get everything (and still does) but Jenna hasn't missed out on much either...neither have any of yours, look around, are they missing anything? give yourself a break, do you really think they notice if the invites don't match

Anonymous said...

Well at least she is having a party on her Birthday!! If you remember Kyle just had his 4th Birthday party on Sept. 2, 2008 and he turned 4 on June 16, 2008...talk about "slacker"! I would say you are doing good!

Beckie said...

I haven't been semi in a while, glad you could join me! We just bribed our children this year with a playstation 3 and a trip to Am Girl so that we didn't even have to deal with the party!

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