Monday, September 29, 2008

27 Dresses- Sassy style

This morning on the way to school, Sassy was discussing her aversion to being a flower girl, when she made the following comment: "It's like 27 Dresses, except I have like 27 flower girl dresses." Such a smarty pants.

We have this discussion from time to time & she will talk about how she doesn't want to be a flower girl in anymore weddings except Aunt Crissy's. She was in 4 weddings between the ages of 3 and 5. She did pretty good in most of them, added some entertainment value to all of them & looked really cute in the pictures.

First there was my cousin Jeff's wedding, a couple of weeks before she turned 3, I'm sorry to say it was not her best performance- she wouldn't walk down the aisle. But she looked so precious! About a month later was my BFF's wedding, Sassy did great! She was so cute. When she got to the end of the aisle, she dumped out all the petals she had left in her basket. I think she did so good in that one because I was at the end of the aisle waiting on her!

Her next gig was my cousin Amberly's wedding. She did good in that one too, however I was a just a bridesmaid, not the MOH. The only problem at Amberly's wedding was that Sassy wasn't in the pictures of the whole wedding party (taken after the wedding- my pet peeve) because she fell asleep on a pew waiting for them to take her picture! Her last performance was at our good friends, Phillip & Amber's wedding. She did good with the flower girl part, but during the ceremony, she got bored & sat down on the alter/stage & swung her feet most of the time. That was the only wedding that she stayed up front for. We were really sweating the date of this one because it was scheduled for Adeline's due date, but luckily she came early & was able to make an appearance at the event. (I had to have proof for the reason I looked like a fat cow!)

I know you are thinking, most little girls would love to be a flower girl! And she really does love to do it, too. She's just not crazy about being all prim & proper & Little Miss Perfect, she's more of a free spirit. And the #1 reason is doesn't want to be a flower girl...she hates to have her hair curled & sprayed! She passing down her flower girl basket to her baby sister. I can't wait till Baby Girl gets asked to be a flower girl instead of Sassy! Except we don't know anybody else that may want my children in their wedding besides Aunt Crissy.

Sassy & Amber smile for a picture.


The Mom Jen said...

Oh how pretty she looks!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My daughters would love to be flower girls. They are all girly-girl...shoes, accessories, the works. Which is weird, because I love birks and cut-off jean shorts...

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