Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventures in Otoplasty

Today Sassy, Gammi & I went to Atlanta for Sass's 6 week post-surgery appointment. On June 24, Sassy had a surgery called Otoplasty. Otoplasty is a procedure to correct prominent ears. Her doctor, Mark Mitchell Jones, is in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital, so we've made several trips to Buckhead this summer. Dr. Jones is a plastic surgeon, as well as an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor.

Of course, Sass is all about going to Atlanta. She loves to see the Capital's dome & all the skyscrapers. We've been to the American Girl doll store twice. Retro said, he must have lost his mind b/c he drove 30 mins. out of the way to spend $100 on clothes for a baby doll! He just doesn't know how much we spent when we went w/out him!!! Sassy had a blast & so did I, so it was all worth it. There is also a Borders bookstore down from the hospital that we have to go to every time. We've eaten at Houston's, Wolfgang Puck's, the American Girl Bistro & today we went to The Varsity.

The potty at the AG store had a place to hang your doll!!! How cool!

The day before her surgery, Babsy & Gammi accompanied Sass & I to Atlanta. That's the day we spent so much $$ at the AG store! She got Ruthie & tons of stuff for Kit & ate at the Bistro. Yummy! We spent the night b/c we had to be at the hospital b/4 daylight (5:30 am). The surgery took about 4 hours & she did great. Dr. Jones gave her a bunny b/4 the surgery & after the surgery Bunny's ears were "fixed" too!

Ready to go home! She & Bunny look so cute!

Sassy was spoiled throughout the whole experience, thanks to all our family & friends. She ate it up! She never had much pain, however the bandages itched some, but she only had to wear that for a week. She did have a fit about her hair when they took the bandages off- too funny.

Now her ears look great & I know she will really appreciate the fact that we had this done when she gets to be a teenager. Check out these before & after pictures! Big change, huh?

Dr. Jones is updating his website & may include Alden's pictures. Check it out in about a month or so. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists - http://www.atlantaplastic.com/


Kristy said...

I'm glad that wasn't me that had to go through all that. It doesn't look like much fun even with all the dolls!

Breezy said...

Thanks for reading my blog...I can safely say that any mom that takes her baby to the American Girl store is an awesome mom! I'm having a boy and am a little sad we won't be doing the whole American Girl thing (shhh, I have Kit too!!!)

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